Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Track Spending With Me Through 2010! Week of 1/2/2010

Interested in tracking your spending with me? Refer to my original post.

I had a baby on New Years Eve, so needless to say, I was not able to get to all the stores I would have liked. In fact, the only store I got to was Rite Aid . . . and I wasn't even able to complete all my transactions. My good friend took my coupons and completed my Rite Aid deals for me after I went into the hospital. (Thank you!) It does make my spending totals look really impressive for this year though!

Here are my totals for the first week ending on 1/2/2010. (Pictured below are most of the items I purchased from Rite Aid this week. Unfortunantly, not all the items made it into the picture - some were consumed or otherwise in use.)

Rite Aid
Spent OOP $13.63
Store Coupons $60.40
Manuf Coupons $45.77
Rebates $50.98
Total Value of Products $119.80 (I just used the sale value of the items.)
Total Saved $157.15
% Saved 131.18%
Cumulative Spending for 2010 $(37.35)

Have your totals for this week? Let me know how you did.

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