Friday, January 29, 2010

Pittsburgh Area - Red Plum Found in the Sunday Edition

This was news to me, but you can purchase The Washington Post ($2) at certain locations in Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas (check gas stations and local stores). AND GUESS WHAT . . . It carries Red Plum!! I'm going to assume that if it carries Red Plum, it also carries P&G!!   : )   Doing a little happy dance. Just think of what that will mean for our couponing.

If you find a location that sells The Washington Post? Let me know!

AND . . . if you go to DiscountedNewspapers and enter your zip you will be able to see what other papers are available for subscription in your area. Did you know that much of the Pittsburgh area can get the New York Times? I'm not sure what the coupons are like . . . and the price is steep ($3.75 for Sunday ed), but if it contains all the coupon inserts that we normally get in the mail and it has better and more coupons than we normally get, then it may be worth it. (Update: I was disappointed to discover that The New York Times does NOT contain ANY coupon inserts.)

Know of another newspaper that contains the coupons we normally only get in the mail? Enlighten us.

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