Saturday, January 2, 2010

This Week's Noteworthy FREEBIES 1/2/10

  1. GalaxyGranola Receive a FREE bag (not sure how big the bag is) of "Not Sweet Vanilla" or "Vanilla Almond" Galaxy granola.
  2. BecomeBeauty Receive a FREE Weekender sampler kit. I could not find any information on what is in this kit, so be surprised. Obviously, there will be some kind of beauty products.
  3. FacebookAdvertising MySpaceAdvertising Receive $50 worth of FREE advertising on Facebook and MySpace. The MySpace offer does not specify how long it will be going on; the Facebook offer expires 3/2010. This could be used to advertise websites, small businesses, churches, or just to promote special projects or things of interest.
  4. PuffsCoupon Receive a $1/1 Puffs Ultra Soft Strong tissue coupon by mail. Given the right sale this could equal free (or at least very cheap) tissues.
  5. PreNexa Receive a FREE pregnancy journal and create customized address labels. The address labels you can print from your computer. The pregnancy journal is mailed to you (shown above). 
  6. Save-A-Lot Receive a FREE P&G coupon booklet. The last time Save-A-Lot (grocery store chain) offered a P&G coupon booklet it was filled with manufacturer’s coupons which of course can be used anywhere (The coupons did not have Save-A-Lot's logo on them.)
  7. NaturalNibbles Receive a FREE sample of Natural Nibbles dog treats.
  8. WalmartTripleFlexOffer is offering a FREE sample of Nature Made TripleFlex liquid softgels. They are supposed to improve joint comfort.
  9. LiftOff Try a FREE sample of LiftOff, a no sugar, no calorie, 1 carb energy drink. You can choose from two flavors, 'Ignite Me Orange' or 'Lemon Lime Blast.'
  10. ConAgraCouponBooklet Receive a FREE coupon booklet from ConAgra Foods with coupons totaling $17.

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