Saturday, January 30, 2010

This Week's Noteworthy FREEBIES 1/30/10

**Make sure that you use your junk email account when you sign up for these offers. (If you don't have a junk email; sign up for one.)**
**Remember that many times coupons for the product are sent out with the samples. This is another great reason for requesting samples.**

  1. Kashi Sign up for a FREE sample of either Toasted Berry Crumble cereal, Dark Chocolate Coconut Fruit & Grain bar, or Honey Almond Flax cereal.
  2. StosselintheClassroom Educators (and the site specifically includes homeschoolers) can order a FREE DVD (actually there are 4 different DVDs you can order) with John Stossel. Shipping is also free. While I am not sure what the content of the DVDs are, this could potentially make for some interesting homeschooling lessons. Thanks to TheFreebieBlogger.
  3. (Read this even if you don't have a baby!) P&GBrandSampler Request a FREE Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max sample (No kids in diapers - give this away). After you have done this you'll be asked if you want a coupon for any of the following products: $1/1 any size or $3/1 med. or lg. Tide® Stain Release, $1/1 Tide® Plus Febreze Freshness, $3/1 Iams® cat food, $2/1 Olay® Total Effects Body Wash, and $4/1 Iams® dog food. The coupons you choose will be mailed with the Pampers sample. (And by the way, if your sample has “Team USA” stamped on the diaper you will win a year supply of diapers from Pampers.)
  4. Lego or LegoJr. Register your child for a FREE Lego magazine (Lego Jr. is for children under age 6). You will be sent an email requiring your permission for your child to receive the Lego magazine. You must activate the subscription link in that email. Thanks to TheFreebieBlogger.
  5. Playtex Request a FREE sample of Playtex gentle glide tampons.
  6. Pillsbury If you are not yet signed up to receive Pillsbury's newsletter, then sign up now and receive a coupon booklet with $10 worth of coupons.
  7. Colgate Sign up here and your kids can earn a FREE toothbrush while learning healthy habits. (Notice the word "earn." This is done over time through filling out a chart when the child does what is on the chart - wash hands, brush teeth, and read. You can print off a chart to fill out at your convenience and then just enter the info online when the chart is full.) Thanks to DealSeekingMom.
  8. OBTampons Request a FREE sample.
  9. HomeMadeSimple Already requested 1 coupon booklet from Home Made Simple? Well there is good news. The site has been reset. You can request another booklet with $35 in coupons.
  10. ThinkMarriage Starting at 10:00 am CST, every day from now till Feb. 14th, 400 FREE love note kits will become available. Request yours before they are gone. Thanks to Nicole'sNickels.
  11. MarianaFruit Request a FREE sample of dried plums (otherwise known as prunes). Use code ADSUPER. Thanks to SouthernSavers.

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