Saturday, January 2, 2010

Track Spending With Me Through 2010!

Wouldn't it be nice to see exactly how much we save (and spend) using coupons. I came across a spreadsheet originally found (Thanks to Southern Savers) on a coupon site that is no longer maintained. I have made changes to the original spreadsheet to better meet our needs. Below is a link to my version of the Grocery Spending and Savings Tracker spreadsheet.

Update: I have text boxes with instructions on my document that are not showing up in the link. I'm working on getting this corrected. Anyone who would like me to email the doc. directly to them can request it at

All you have to do is add up how much you spend each week and how much you save (most of the time, this is found at the bottom of your receipts).

You can choose to save multiple copies of this spreadsheet to your computer and use them to track your spending at each individual store, or you can lump all your grocery/drugstore spending together and track everything on just one spreadsheet. (I'll be using more than one spreadsheet. One for all my grocery/drugstore/household supplies spending since the money for all this comes from my grocery budget. Then, I'll track a couple of stores - Rite Aid, Walgreens, etc. - on their own spreadsheets so that I can see exactly how I'm doing at individual stores.)

Every week I'll post my totals and invite you to post your totals also. Let's track our spending together through 2010!

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