Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rite Aid Ad Preview 1/31 to 2/6

Below is a preview of the Rite Aid ad for next week. Please remember that ads and prices do vary some by region. You can see a larger (and clearer) version of the ad here. Thanks to Neekyme.

Thanks to HCW.


  1. Why does Toblerone go on sale the day AFTER the $1 off coupon expires? I already called the store, they said they might take one or two coupons, but no more than that :(

  2. Check with your Rite Aid. Some Rite Aids have both ads active on Saturdays (ie. last weeks ad and the coming weeks ad). You can get the best of both ads on the same day. Just make sure you know before you walk in the store what items should ring up as and have the ads with you to show to the cashiers so that they can do a price adjust if necessary.

    Rite Aid does sell the early (Sunday) edition of the paper. So you can pick up your Sunday paper (with the new Rite Aid ad) on Saturday.