Monday, January 11, 2010

Rite Aid 1/10 to 1/16

A couple of notes to start with:
  1. Make sure you know RiteAid'sCouponPolicy. Print out a copy to keep with you. This will be a great help when you get a cashier, or even a manager, who doesn't know the policy.
  2. Go to Rite Aid AdPerks to watch videos and earn Rite Aid Video Value coupons. You will be able to earn a $5/$20 Rite Aid coupon, as well as a coupon for each product for which you watch a video.
  3. Print out and take additional $5/25 coupons and $5/$20 coupons with you. Remember, the $5/$20 coupon is only available after you watch enough AdPerks videos. (Rite Aid Video Values only allows you to choose to print the coupon one time. You can not go back and choose to print it again later. That being said, when you originally choose to print the coupon a print screen will pop up. On that print screen it has a place for you to type in how many times you want the page printed. I try to print out at least 20 for the month as I average using around 5 a week. NOTE that the coupon is good for 2 months. So if I have any extra I just use them the following month.)
  4. And finally, don't forget about Rite Aid's new Game of Life promotion that started 1/3/10 and runs through 2/27/10. The point of the game is to collect game pieces to win prizes. There are also specially marked game pieces redeemable for instant prizes. You can read more about the promotion at GameofLifeRulesGameofLifeGameboard, and BonusItemsEarnBonusTickets.
All my scenarios will reflect my personal goal to either make money or at least not to have spent any at the end of the month - after I get my Single Check Rebate, Rite Aid gift cards, and/or MIR checks.

**Unless otherwise indicated, there is a limit of one single check rebate per item.

Purchase #1

1 Contac Cold + Flu (pg. 12) $4.99/1 - $2/1 (1/10/RP) = $2.99/1
- $4.99 SCR = make $2

1 Theraflu (pg. 12) $4.99/1 - $2/1 (12/6/SS;  PrintablePrintablePrintablePrintable) = $2.99/1
- $3 SCR = make $0.01

1 GE Soft White bulbs (pg. 12) 2 pk $2/1 - $2/1 (Printable Note: I've already printed and used this coupon, so I am unable to print again and verify that this coupon will work for this product. If it will not, then this will not be a moneymaker, just free (Update: This coupon is not for the correct product.); also $1.50/1 Printable - While this coupon does have a Target logo on it, it is a MFC and is still good at RA. Again, I've already printed this coupon and am unable to verify whether or not it will work on this item (Update: I'm not sure if this coupon is still available or not.); some people also received $1.50/1 1/10/SS - not in my local paper) = Free
- $2 SCR = make $2
Get 1 bonus Game of Life ticket

1 Huggies (pg. 12) Jumbo pk. diapers or Pull-Ups $8.99/1 - $1.50/1 (diapers Printable - While this coupon does have a Target logo on it, it is a MFC and is still good at RA; $2/1 (Pull-Ups Printable) = $7.49/1
- $1/1 (Rite Aid Dec. & Jan. Video Value coupon - There is a coupon for diapers and another for Pull-Ups) = $6.49/1
- $1 SCR = $5.49/1
NOTE: If you have a FREE Huggies diaper coupon from RA (I just received mine in the mail.) this would not be the best time to use this. You will already get this whole purchase FREE. Save the coupon for a time when you need diapers and they are not on sale. That way they can also help you reach your $20 purchase amount to help you qualify to use the $5/$20 RA video values coupon.
NOTE: Even if you don't have a baby in diapers, consider getting this because: 1. Diapers are a great item to add to a baby shower gift. 2. Almost everyone knows someone who could really use free diapers. 3. Diapers are always an appreciated donation. 4. And if all else fails, stick them in your next garage sale and make a couple of bucks off them.

Total before coupons = $20.97
- $5/20 Rite Aid Video Values coupon
- $8.50 (in MFC and Rite Aid Video Value coupons)
Total OOP = $7.47 + tax
- $10.99 SCR
Make $3.52 - tax
Get 2 Game of Life tickets

Purchase #2

1 Aveeno daily moisture lotion (pg. 5) 2.5oz. around $3.49/1 (Update: My area had it at this price.) - $2/1 (1/10/SS; Printable) = $1.49/1
- $1/1 in-ad coupon = $0.49/1

1 Lubriderm daily moisture lotion (pg. 5) 6 oz. around $4.49 (Update: $4.29 in my area.) - $2/1 (1/10/SS; Printable) = $2.49/1
- $1/1 in-ad coupon = $1.49/1

1 Clean & Clear blemish treatment (pg. 5) smallest sz. around $3.69/1 (Update: Particular store didn't have. Cheapest Clean & Clear $4.99/1.) - $2/1 (1/10/SS; Printable) = $1.69/1
- $1/1 in-ad coupon = $0.69/1

1 Aveeno shave gel (pg. 5) around $3.99/1 (Update: $4.99/1 in my area.) - $2/1 (1/10/SS; Printable) = $1.99/1
- $1/1 in-ad coupon = $0.99/1

1 Glade scented oil candle tin (pg. 9) $2.49/1 - $1.50/1 (coupon located inside tin) = $0.99/1
- $0.50/1 in-ad coupon = $0.49/1

1 Glade refill (pg. 9) $2.49/1 - B1 Glade scented oil candle G1 refill (Printable) = FREE
- $0.50/1 in-ad coupon = make $0.50

2 Lindt truffles (pg. 6) $5.00/2 - 2 $1/1 (Printable) = $3/2
- $1 SCR = $2/2

Total before coupons = $25.64
- $5/20 Rite Aid Video Values coupon
- $18.99 (in MFC and in-ad coupons)
Total OOP = $1.65 + tax
- $1 SCR
Cost $0.65 + tax
Get 1 Game of Life ticket

Purchase #3

Repeat Purchase #2 for everything except the Lindt truffles.

2 Cadbury eggs (pg. 8) $1/2 - $.50/2 (January Rite Aid Video Value coupon) = $.50/2

1 Cottonelle moist wipes (pg. 9) $1.99/1 - $1/1 (Printable) = $0.99
- $0.50/1 in-ad coupon = $0.49/1

1 Windex (pg. 9) $2.49/1 - $1/1 (1/10/SS; Printable) = $1.49/1
- $.50/1 in-ad coupon = $0.99/1

Total before coupons = $26.12
- $5/20 Rite Aid Video Values coupon
- $20.49 (in MFC, Rite Aid Video Value coupons, and in-ad coupons)
Total OOP = $0.63 + tax
Update: Please read comments.
- MIR 1/10/SS; Johnson&JohnsonBeautyForAllAges
Make $9.37 - tax
Get 1 Game of Life ticket

Total end profit on all my purchases is at least $12.24 - tax.

At the end of my shopping day, I will have made $12.24 - tax and take home $72.73 worth of sale merchandise.

Update: So, if the Johnson & Johnson rebate has to be done all in one transaction, you could just combine Purchase #2 and #3.

Total before coupons = $51.76
- $5/20 Rite Aid Video Values coupon (I have actually had cashiers allow me to use 2 coupons on the same order when the order is $40+. This week you could just ask if you could do all three transactions togeter and use 3 $5/20 coupons.)
- $39.48 (in MFC, Rite Aid Video Value coupons, and in-ad coupons)
Total OOP = $7.28 + tax
- $1 SCR
- $10 MIR
Make $3.72 - tax


Buy double of everything in Purchase #2, with the exception of the Lindt truffles. Do not purchase the Lindt.

Total before coupons = $41.28
- $5/20 Rite Aid Video Values coupon (if you are able to use 2 of these coupons on this purchase that will take your OOP cost below $0. You must add items worth at least $1.70 to your purchase.)
- $32.98 (in MFC and in-ad coupons)
Total OOP = $3.30 + tax
- $10 MIR
Make $6.70 - tax


  1. Hi Erin! Do you know if all the Johnson and Johnson items need to be on the same receipt in order to get the rebate?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thank you for asking this question. I wasn't sure; I had assumed that they could be purchased in separate transactions, but when I went back to check the rebate forms I could not find any information on it. So I contacted Johnson & Johnson directly (at 1-888-638-5242 from 8am to 8pm EST, Monday to Friday). The gentleman I spoke with also wasn't sure. He put me on hold and went to go check. When he got back on, he still didn't seem 100% sure, but he said that he believed that they did have to be purchased in one transaction. (If someone else wants to call, they might get a more knowledgeable customer service rep.)

    So, I need to redo my scenarios. Obviously, you will not be able to make as much money off the purchase, but you should still come out ahead.

    Also, I'll have to see, but it might be a better deal to purchase these at Walgreens this week (since it appears they have to be purchased in a single transaction) and still go ahead and purchase them at Rite Aid in the original scenarios for $0.65 and $0.63 (as that is a lot of product for very cheap) and you would still end up making money over the 3 transactions this week.