Friday, January 15, 2010

Rite Aid Ad Preview 1/17-1/23 and Other Business

1. Below is a preview of the Rite Aid ad for next week. Please remember that ads and prices do vary some by region.
2. I've been having some technical trouble with the blog. Specifically, I've been unable to leave responses to comments, among other things. Please bear with me. Update: I am once again able to post responses to comments.

3. Sarah and Debbie left comments to which I've been unable to respond. Let me answer them below.

Sarah said...
Are you going to be trying for Rite Aid rebate 551? Get $35 when you spend $100 on P and G items? Since I'm just starting out, I tend to follow your scenarios to the letter. Thanks!

Yes, if I can figure out a way to make the P&G products work out to be free at the end of the month, I will definitely be including them in my scenarios. I really like many of the P&G products and am excited about all the potentially free items. I am still working on my scenarios for next week.

I am new to your blog and couponing like this. Would you be able to explain some of your abbreviations like SCR?

SCR stands for Single Check Rebate. Rite Aid offers a SCR on a variety of products each week. When you buy one of those products you can enter your receipt online (You must sign up at RiteAidSingleCheckRebates.) Then at the end of every month (You can request your check before the end of the month, but you would not be able to request another one even if you purchase more qualifying products. Hence the name "Single Check Rebate," as you are only allowed to request 1 check per month.) you can request your check from Rite Aid for your rebates. Rite Aid will send you a check that you can redeem in store or take directly to your bank and deposit it into your account.
Other abbreviations that I use:
MFC - Manufacturer's Coupon.
OOP - Out of Pocket
IP - Internet Printable
RA VV - Rite Aid Video Values
RR - Register Rewards (at Walgreens)
RP - Red Plum (A coupon insert that either comes in your Sunday paper or in the mail.)
P&G - Procter & Gamble (A coupon insert that either comes in your Sunday paper or in the mail.)
SS - Smart Source (A coupon insert that comes in your Sunday paper.)
GM - General Mills Everyday Saver (A coupon insert that comes in your Sunday paper.)
** Note: Not all these inserts will be in the paper or in the mail every week.**
I hope that this helps.


  1. I found out that my Rite Aid starts there sales after 5:00 pm on Saturday!

  2. Wow, that's great. My Walgreens overlaps their sales on Saturday. I can use either ad (this weeks or next weeks) from 12 noon till they close to get the very best deals.

    I had not heard about Rite Aid doing that, but now I will have to ask around and check that out.