Monday, January 18, 2010

Rite Aid 1/17 to 1/23

This is the last week for Rite Aid's January rebates. It is also the first week that you can do Rite Aid's P&G rebate #551. So, this week I'll be focusing on the P&G rebate (Remember that you do not need to complete this entire rebate this week. The idea would be to wait until each item goes on sale and has a SCR on it.), as well as trying to finish up the Wellness rebate #44 (Purchase $30 worth of participating products and get a $5 Rite Aid gift card.)

**Update: There are new WellnessCoupons that just came out that will go very well with the scenarios below (can be used on Pantene, Bayer, Dayquil/Nyquil, and Clairol). You will have to add filler items if you are going to use the Wellness coupons as they will cause your total to go below $0.**

Purchase #1

2 Vicks Dayquil/Nyquil (pg. 1) 6oz or 12 ct. $3.99/1 ($7.98/2) - 2 $2/1 (1/17/PG) = $1.99/1 ($3.98/2)
- 2 $1/1 Rite Aid coupon (from Welcome to Rite Aid booklet - $75 in flu season savings. Look for the booklet near the front of the store with the weekly ads or near the pharmacy.) = $0.99/1 ($1.98/2)
- $2 SCR #40 = $0.98/2
(Some Dayquil is reported to be on clearance - look for it. Of course, this would change the scenario, but the free Puffs coupon below would still work and you would end up with free Dayquil plus overage. There will be another $1 SCR for Dayquil/Nyquil 2/7-2/13.)
(towards P&G rebate)

1 Puffs (not in ad) $?? (about $2.49) - B2 Vicks products G1 Puffs (12/27/PG) = FREE
(towards P&G rebate)

1 Oral B Cross Action manual toothbrush (pg. 8) $2.99/1 - $1/1 (12/27/P&G) = $1.99/1
- $1.25 SCR #78 = $0.74/1
(towards P&G rebate)

2 Pantene shampoo, conditioner, or stylers (pg. 1) $6/2 - $3/2 (12/27/PG) = $3/2
(- $0.25/1 12.6 oz Pantene shampoo or conditioner - Rite Aid coupon - one of the coupons you might recieve with a Game of Life ticket)
(towards P&G rebate)
Get 2 bonus Game of Life tickets

1 Bayer aspirin (pg. 2) (some are labeled 100% more free - so 48 ct. for same price) $1.99/1 - $1/1 (10/25/RP; 1/3/SS) = $0.99/1
- $2/1 Rite Aid Jan. Video Values = make $1.01

(If the Puffs are less than $1.04 than you will need to add a filler item to bring your total over $20. I've included a list of filler items at the bottom of this post.)

(**Also, select Cover Girl nail polish is reported to be on clearance for $0.97/1. That would make it free after coupon ($1/1 - 1/17/PG). Get 1 Game of Life ticket for each one you purchase and each one qualifies for the P&G rebate.)

Total before coupons = around $20.46
- $5/20 Rite Aid Video Values coupon
- around $14.50 (in MFC, Rite Aid, and Rite Aid Video Value coupons)
Total OOP = around $0.96 + tax
- $3.25 SCR
Make about $2.29
Get 3 Game of Life tickets
($19.46 towards P&G rebate #551)

Purchase #2

2 BeneVia (not in ad - on sale till 1/23) 8 oz. 4 pk. B1G1 ($8.99/1) - 2 $5/1 (11/14/SS; Printable) = make $1.01
- 2 $2 (Rite Aid Dec. & Jan.Video Values coupon) = make $5.01

1 Bayer aspirin (pg. 2) $1.99/1 - $1/1 (10/25/RP; 1/3/SS) = $0.99/1
- $2/1 Rite Aid Jan. Video Values = make $1.01

1 Clairol Natural Instincts hair color (pg. 1) $7.99/1 - $2/1 (1/17/PG) = $5.99/1
- $2/1 in-ad coupon = $3.99/1
(towards P&G rebate)

1 Duracell (pg. 1) AA or AAA 16pk, C or D 8 pk, 9 volt 4 pk. $11.99/1 - $1/1 (12/13/RP; 1/17/PG) = $10.99/1
- $3/1 in-ad coupon = $7.99/1
(towards P&G rebate)
Total before coupons = $30.96
- $5/20 Rite Aid Video Values coupon
- $25 (in MFC, in-ad coupons, and Rite Aid Video Value coupons)
Total OOP = $0.96 + tax
Get 1 Game of Life ticket
($19.98 towards P&G rebate #551)

Purchase #3

1 Olay Regenerist micro-sculpting cream (pg. 1 - not pictured) B1G1 50% off (around $26.99/1)
1 Olay Regenerist anti-aging eye roller (pg. 1 - not pictured) around $23.98/1 = about $38.98 for both
- 2 $3/1 (1/17/PG) = about $32.98
(towards P&G rebate)

2 BeneVia (not in ad - on sale till 1/23) 8 oz. 4 pk. B1G1 ($8.99/1) - 2 $5/1 (11/14/SS; Printable) = make $1.01
- 2 $2 (Rite Aid Dec. & Jan.Video Values coupon) = make $5.01

1 Bayer aspirin (pg. 2) $1.99/1 - $1/1 (10/25/RP; 1/3/SS) = $0.99/1
- $2/1 Rite Aid Jan. Video Values = make $1.01

Total before coupons = around $49.96
- $5/20 Rite Aid Video Values coupon (You can always ask whether or not the cashier will allow you to use 2 of these coupons on this order since the total is above $40.)
- $23 (in MFC and Rite Aid Video Value coupons)
Total OOP = around $21.96 + tax; a great way to use your $20 Rite Aid Winter Gift of Savings certificate (or about $16.96 + tax if you can use 2 $5/20 coupons)
- $20 OlayMIR
Cost about $1.96 (or make around $3.04)
Get 1 Game of Life ticket
(about $38.98 towards P&G rebate #551)

**These 3 purchases would give you a total of around $78.42 toward the P&G rebate (and all 3 will have cost you a total of about $0.63 + tax). We have until 2/13/10 to complete this rebate - plenty of time. There are a couple of other Olay rebates.
FREEOlayQuenchMIR (NOTE: This rebate can be done twice as long as submitted together.)
I have already done both of these (and have previously written scenarios for them) so I am not including them in my scenarios this week. If you haven't yet done these, the $15 Olay rebate would be a good one for this week, seeing as Olay is B1G1 50% off. You can use the $3/1 (1/17/PG) coupons. Olay Regenerist daily regenerating cleanser (5.0 oz) is between $7.99/1 and $9.99/1, so it would be a money maker. The other Olay rebate (Quench lotion) is based on the purchase price of the lotion. You would get better milage from this rebate if you wait until it is not on sale to do this one. That way you would earn more towards your P&G rebate and you will still get the lotion FREE.**

Purchase #4 (working on Wellness rebate #44)

(First, this is going to depend entirely on what your store has in stock. Next, I'm starting with the assumption that you purchased the SoyJoy bars several weeks ago and already have at least $3.60 of qualifying purchases. And finally, you probably will have to break this transaction up over different stores, as it is unlikely that any one store will have all 5 SlimQuicks. However, I put this together as Purchase #4 so that you could see how it is supposed to work)

5 SlimQuick appetite control lemon, strawberry, or mixed berries (not in ad - on clearance isle) 20 ct. $5.12/1 - 5 $5/1 (Printable - you will need to have access to at least 3 computers, try the library) = $0.12/1 ($0.60/5)

3 SoyJoy bars (not in ad) $0.99/1 - B2G1 (1/3/SS) = $0.66/1 ($1.98/3)

Total before coupons = $28.18
(- $5/20 Rite Aid Video Values coupon - I'm not going to include this in case you can't find enough at any one store to equal $20)
- $25.99 (in MFC)
Total OOP = $1.80 + tax
- $5 Rite Aid Gift Card
Make $3.20
Get 1 Game of Life ticket

Filler items:

2 Cadbury cream eggs $1/2 - $0.50/2 Rite Aid Video Values = $0.50/2

2 Halls cough drops$ $0.99/1 - $1/2 (1/10/SS; $0.50/1 Printable) = $0.98/2 ($0.49/1)

Lance sandwich crackers $3/2 - $1/1 IP = $0.50/1
(- $0.50/1 WellnessCoupon = FREE)

Wet Ones Wipes $1.99/1 - $1.50/1 (Printable) = $0.49/1

2 Nature's Bounty Vitamin D (not in ad) B1G1 ($4.99/1) - 2 $2/1 Printable = $0.99/2 (However, there will be a better deal on these next week.)


  1. Hi Erin,

    Thanks for the abbrevation list. Where would I find the wellness snack coupon for the for the crackers? Also,if I don't have the 12/27 PG (pantene)coupons would I be able to get them any where else?

  2. Debbie,

    Oops, now I've posted the link to the wellness coupon above. Thanks for bring that to my attention.

    As for the Pantene, that $3/2 is the best coupon out there and it is only available in the 12/27/PG insert. There is a $1/2 coupon for any Pantene product in the 1/17/PG. Or (back to that 12/27/PG insert) a $1/1 coupon that would work on the stylers.

    If you can't come up with any coupons, you could try to order some online (coupon clipping sites, or ebay) and hope that you would either get the coupon in the mail before the end of the week or that one of your local stores would sell out of a particular kind of Pantene so that you could get a raincheck.


  3. Hey Erin,

    I just got back from Rite Aid, on purchase #1 how do you get the puffs free. I bought 2 vicks but the puffs didn't ring up free and they told me that they didn't know what I was talking about. Sorry about all the questions, I am just a baby couponer. Debbie

  4. I also couldn't get the puffs free tonight, so I just bought an extra box of bayer to get my total to just over $20. I had no problems using two Rite Aid $2 off Bayer coupons in one transaction.

    Looks like there is a limit of 1 $1 SCR on the vicks, so that transaction turned out for me only to be free, not a money maker...not complaining though.

    About the P&G rebate, if I enter my receipts from tonight and I don't make it to $100 before the end of the month can I still request my January check at the end of the month and continue to work towards spending $100 in February? Or do you thinsk I should hold off the requesting my January check until I spend the $100 for P&G??

    Thank you Erin for all your hard work and posting these deals. I know it's not easy, and you are so good at it!

    H.K. :)

  5. Oh no, I'm so sorry to have sent both of you on a Rite Aid trip unprepared. We had some friends come over this past Saturday (my scheduled time to put together the scenarios) and they ended up spending the night. We had a great time, but I was a little distracted (besides the normal distraction of 3 boys ages 3 and under) and am behind in getting everything put together.

    The B2 Vicks G1 Puffs free is a coupon that was in 12/27/PG. I fixed the scenario above.

    Please bear with me this week as I try to get caught up. Ask lots of questions and let me know if you see anything that looks like I may have overlooked something.

    Thanks for all your kind words. I'm glad that I can help.


  6. WOW these are some great scearios it would be great if you could do these secario like on saturday. I just find it that if you had to the store you have to be prepared the day before. And the other days i have some mean cashiers. :(

    It would really help!


  7. ilja,

    Thank you.

    I agree with you. It would be most helpful to have the scenarios done by Sat. night. That has been my goal. However, I have not been able to meet that goal since my baby was born a little over 2 weeks ago. We'll see how quickly I can get back to meeting that goal. Please keep checking back.


  8. In purchase #4, how do I get the info on the wellness rebate. I think I might have some catching up to do. Debbie

  9. No problem, Debbie. The info for the wellness rebate is in the regular January rebate booklet. It is rebate #44. You can also look the info up online at Rite Aid's single check rebate site. It also should tell you how much you have already spent on qualifing products.


  10. About the P&G rebate: The P&G rebate does not come in the form of a check. It is a Visa card, therefore it will have its own place on Rite Aid's SCR website where you can request it. (The rebate will show up separately from the rest of the January rebates - like the wellness rebate #44 does this month. So you can request your January rebate completely separate from the P&G rebate. After you have finished with all your purchases for the P&G rebate, request your Visa card. The February rebates will also be separate from the P&G rebate.)


  11. Hey Erin,

    Just got back from Rite Aid. Thought I would update you on what I found. There is another flavor on Slimquick on clearance-mixed berries, there are canisters or wet ones with 20% more in then that are included in the sale. Also the soy bars are on sale but are $.99. Thanks for all you do with this site. Debbie

  12. Should i give the cashier my Wellness Card to scan before she scans the items or after she scans the items.


  13. Thank you Debbie! I updated the scenario.

    ilja, the Wellness card works like other store loyalty cards. It doesn't really matter when you give it to the cashier. However, many cashiers do tend to like to scan loyalty cards up front.