Wednesday, May 26, 2010

National Consumer Panel Currently Accepting Applications!!

I just received a notice in my email box that NCP (National Consumer Panel, previously Homescan) is once again accepting applications from a variety of locations. It is rather hard to get into this program. They only open up registration periodically and once your application is received chances are that you'll go on a waiting list until they have an opening for your type of family. (I'm currently on a waiting list.)

As a panel member, you'll get a small hand-held scanner. You earn points by scanning in the barcodes of the items that you buy. Then once a week set the scanner on its cradle to upload the information to the company. Once you have earned enough points, just select the prize of your choice, scan the barcode in the catalog that corresponds to that prize and your prize will be sent to your door.     : )

Dare to be different? By scanning the products you buy you will make your consumer opinions heard while earning great rewards. Join the National Consumer Panel today! Click Here


  1. I have heard mixed reviews about doing this, especially if you use a lot of coupons. Do you know anyone IRL or close online friend who has done it and liked it?

  2. Mrs. Dan,

    I've also heard mixed reviews. Here are two other blogs that speak about it (;

    Since I'm currently only on the waiting list, I can't speak from experience, but this is what I've gathered:
    1. If you don't like it, you can return the scanner in the prepaid return box that they send you.
    2. How much time it takes will depend on where you shop. People who shopped Walmart said that they had to enter in every price. Those that shopped grocery store chains said that they just scanned, no need to enter in additional prices. I'm not sure exactly how all this will work in our area, but if I don't enjoy it, the scanner can just be returned.
    3. Most people indicated it took between 10 to 30 min. per shopping trip.
    4. At least some coupons have to be accounted for (not sure, it might be all coupons). However, one avid coupon user pointed out that since she shops from a detailed shopping list and already knows which coupons she'll be using, she just uses that same list when scanning her items to help her with coupon input.
    5. It does take a while to accumulate enough points for the good prizes. Someone suggested around 2 to 3 years for a flat screen TV. (This seems more than reasonable to me.) Also, many people reported receiving small extra surprises mailed to them as a thank you.
    6. There are never any shipping costs for prizes and all things are shipped (once requested) in a timely manner to your door.

    I hope this helps.