Monday, May 31, 2010

Hi y'all,

I am going to try to fill in for Erin, I am alittle nervous since I have never done anything like this before. Rite Aid has started the June Ad Perk video's so make sure you get started watching them and earn those coupons. The other thing is I have no idea how to attach a link to this site if anyone does and could share that with me it would be great. In the mean time I will give you as much info as I can for you to type in the links needed. Thank you so much for you patience. On to the scenarios.

Rite Aid Scenario #2

1 AZO cranberry (pg 5) BOGO 50% off (but unless this is something you use only get one. You only need to purchase l for the SCR) about 5.59/1 (if you get 20% w/ wellness then it would be 4.47/1)
-$1.00 June VV
-$1.00 MF (from this link
-$3.00 SCR # 9 = $.59 or (20% wellness is make $.52)

1 Coppertone Sun Care Product (pg 1) $8.99/1 (not sure about wellness 20%, maybe $7.19)
-$2.00 ad coupon (pg 1)
-$3.00 June VV
-$1.00 MFC (print from if you were able to get this coupon last week it was for $2.00) = $2.99 or $1.99 depending on which MFC you have (if you get 20% wellness maybe $1.19 or $.19 again depending on which MFC you have)

2 Tresemme shampoo, conditioner, or stylers (pg 8) $7.00/2 with wellness card
-(2) $2.00 May VV

Total before coupons $21.58 without wellness 20%
- $ 5/20 Rite Aid VV coupon
- $ 12.00 or $13.oo depending which MFC you have on the Coppertone ( in MFC and RA VV coupons)
Total OOP = $4.58 + tax or $3.58 + tax
- $3.00 SCR = OOP $1.58 + tax or .58 + tax

Total before coupons with wellness 20% APPROX $18.66 if this amount is correct you will need to add a filler maybe the Stayfree maxi pads 16 - 24 ct (pg 1) $1.99/1 -$1.00 June VV coupon

Total before coupons (using the Stayfree) approx $20.65
- $5/20 Rite Aid VV coupon
- $13.00 or $14.00 depending which MFC you have on the Coppertone (in MFC aand RA VV coupons)
Total OOP = $2.65 + tax or $1.65 + tax
-$3.00 SCR = make $.35 or $1.35

Please remember with the Wellness 20 % it is very hard to be exact. If you are getting the 20% always be prepared with a filler.

I will try to work on some more and post then later.

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