Friday, May 21, 2010

Green Works Coupon

I have no ideal for how much Green Works detergent sells, but here's a coupon for $3/1 GreenWorksLaundryDetergent. Thank you Debbie.

The bigger question in my mind right now is . . . Does Rite Aid sell GW laundry detergent?
'Cause if they do. . .    (Challice very helpfully informed me that it's $11.99/1 at Rite Aid. Here's to hoping for a spectacular sale, an in-ad coupon, and a Wellness+ or Video Value coupon to go along. A SCR for June would be acceptable as well. . . hint, hint Rite Aid. Challice also said that it's around $8.99/1 at the regular grocery store.)

(NOTE: There is an ad that prints out below the coupon. If you want to conserve ink and/or paper, only insert a half page into the printer.)

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