Saturday, May 8, 2010

E-Coupons at Giant Eagle

A while back I wrote a post on Giant Eagle's e-offers. . .

Then today I discovered that Shortcuts and Cellfire have added Giant Eagle to their e-coupon list. Yeah!! I've been wishing for this.

Shortcuts electronic coupons are a convenient way to save money at the grocery store. Free coupons load directly to your participating grocery store savings card, so there is no paper to lose or forget.

Just 3 Easy Steps to FREE Coupon Savings:
1. Sign up at and register your grocery store savings card.
2. Select the electronic grocery coupons you want.
3. Swipe your card at checkout. Coupon discounts are deducted automatically.

Cellfire offers savings on groceries, shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. Get access and use offers from your PC and/or mobile phone. This service is provided free of charge to all users. Retail partners sponsor the offers and discounts. With Cellfire, you'll never have to print, clip, or forget your coupons again!

Here's how it works:

FIND deals...
1. Get access to your favorite coupons and discount offers on the Cellfire website. Get started today, it's FREE!
2. Browse offers in your area using your PC or phone. Go mobile and unlock the full potential of Cellfire with our mobile app! Find and save deals anytime, anywhere.

STORE deals...
1. Save grocery coupons to your savings card.
2. Save non-grocery coupons to your phone.

1. Coupons are automatically redeemed when you use your savings card at checkout.
2. Show your mobile coupon to the cashier to get your discount!

The Tricky Part using Shortcuts and Cellfire at GE is that if you have the same coupon loaded onto your card from both Shortcuts and Cellfire, only one coupon will be applied or deducted from to you bill.

So for example:

There is a Shortcuts e-coupon and a Cellfire e-coupon for the Betty Crocker Delights (on sale this week at Giant Eagle).

2 Betty Crocker Warm Delights $1.99/1 (There are also some that are more expensive.) = $3.98/2
- 2 $0.75/1 (3/28/SS; 5/2/SS) = $0.98/2
- $0.50/1 (Shortcuts or Cellfire - only one will come off) = $0.48/2 OOP
- $1.00 OYNSO wyb 2 = MAKE $0.52

My Question is . . . If you have both coupons loaded to your card, will it remove both coupons from your card when you buy the Betty Crocker Delights, or will one remain for you to use next time? And if both coupons do disappear when you buy the warm delights, what would happen if you only had one of the coupons loaded to your card? Would you be able to load the other one to your card (and use it) after the first coupon was applied?


  1. Way cool! Thanks!

    Do you have any problems with cell fire having your cell phone number?