Monday, February 1, 2010

Track Spending With Me Through 2010! Week of 1/30/2010

Interested in tracking your spending with me? Refer to my original post.

Ok, this week actually cost me money. But I did purchase 9 packs of diapers (between Target and Walgreens) and 3 boxes of wipes, so that has to count for some of the cost. With 3 kids in diapers/pull-ups, we go through a LOT. I went to a different Rite Aid this week and the cashier was less than enthusiastic about my coupons and ended up not scanning two of them (which I didn't catch until I got home) and cost me an additional $4.

(At Rite Aid I purchased: 1 box Glad trash bags, 2 packs of 12 double-roll Quilted Northern toilet paper, 2 Edge shave gells, 2 Old Spice Red Zone deodorants, 1 Secret deodorant, 2 Head and Shoulders, 1 Maybeline masquera, 2 Toms of Maine deodorants, 4 Nature's Bounty vitamins, 2 Aveeno lotions.)

Rite Aid
Spent OOP: $7.84
Store Coupons: $34.50
Manuf Coupons: $22.49
Rebates: $4.00
Real Cost to My Family: Cost $3.84 after cash rebates and Visa gift card
Total Value of Products: $64.83 (I just used the sale value of the items.)
Total Saved: $60.99
% Saved: 94.08%
Cumulative Value of Products Purchased at Rite Aid for 2010: $526.17
Cumulative Spending at Rite Aid for 2010: $(54.18)
Cumulative % Saved at Rite Aid for 2010: 110%

(At Walgreens I purchased: 4 Benefiber, 5 Valentine's day gift sacks, 4 Pert Plus shampoos, 2 Huggies diapers, 3 Huggies wipes)

Spent OOP: $14.70 (I also earned a $2 RR and $5 RR after purchases for next week.)
Store Coupons: $24.61
Manuf Coupons: $40.25
Total Value of Products: $79.56
Total Saved: $64.86
% Saved: 81.52%
Cumulative Value of Products Purchased at Walgreens for 2010: $153.12
Cumulative Spending at Walgreens for 2010: $18.22
Cumulative % Saved at Walgreens for 2010: 88%

(At Giant Eagle, I purchased a LOT of Dawn dish soap and Mr. Clean products. I also picked up Pillsbury cinn. rolls and chicken breasts. And at Target I purchased 6 packages of diapers/pull-ups.)

All Grocery and Drugstore Purchases
Spent OOP: $40.86
Store Savings and Coupons: $86.70
Manuf Coupons: $111.39
Rebates: $4.00
Real Cost to My Family: $36.86 (This does not include the CATs I received this week.)
Total Value of Products: $238.95
Total Saved: $202.09
% Saved: 84.57%

Cumulative Value of Purchases for 2010: $1,029.30
Cumulative Savings for 2010: $969.63
Cumulative Spending for 2010: $59.67
Cumulative % Saved: 94%

Let me know how you did this past week. You are welcome to track your spending with me, or I'd also love to hear about your latest, greatest shopping trip.

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  1. I was emailed this question and thought I'd share it here.

    When you fill out your Giant Eagle spending tracker... Do you put the Cats in the rebate block for the week you got them or do you put them under the store savings for the week you spend them? I originally was putting them in the rebate block but once I started thinking about it I realized that messed up the numbers for the amount I really spent. I now think I should only put them in as store savings when I spend them.... Is that right???

    I struggled over the same issue - where to put those CATs. I ended up coming to the same conclusion as you. When I spend them, I either include them in the MFC savings block or the store savings block (at the bottom of each CAT it will say who the CAT is from - ie. compliments of Pillsbury or thanks from Giant Eagle). And to make things even easier, at the bottom of your GE receipt, right under your total, it will tell you how much you saved using MFC and how much store savings you had (just add the totals for "bonus coupon savings" and "card and store coupons" together). The "bonus coupon savings" is the extra amount you saved due to double coupons. I include this in the store savings block because GE does not get reimbursed for this amount. It does come out of their pocket. So, GE is easy, they do all the work for me - as the CATs are already separated out into the appropriate savings totals. Rite Aid is the complicated receipt. I have to sit there and add up all the coupons, making sure that I separate out MFC from RA coupons. Hope that answered your question and wasn't too confusing. : )