Monday, February 15, 2010

Rite Aid 2/14 to 2/20

A couple of notes to start with:
  1. Make sure you know RiteAid'sCouponPolicy. Print out a copy to keep with you. This will be a great help when you get a cashier, or even a manager, who doesn't know the policy.
  2. Go to Rite Aid AdPerks to watch videos and earn Rite Aid Video Value coupons. You will be able to earn a $5/$20 Rite Aid coupon, as well as a coupon for each product for which you watch a video.
  3. Print out and take additional $5/25 coupons and $5/$20 coupons with you. Remember, the $5/$20 coupon is only available after you watch enough AdPerks videos. (Rite Aid Video Values only allows you to choose to print the coupon one time. You can not go back and choose to print it again later. That being said, when you originally choose to print the coupon a print screen will pop up. On that print screen it has a place for you to type in how many times you want the page printed. I try to print out at least 20 for the month as I average using around 5 a week. NOTE that the coupon is good for 2 months. So if I have any extra I just use them the following month.)
  4. And finally, don't forget about Rite Aid's new Game of Life promotion that started 1/3/10 and runs through 2/27/10. The point of the game is to collect game pieces to win prizes. There are also specially marked game pieces redeemable for instant prizes. You can read more about the promotion at GameofLifeRulesGameofLifeGameboard, and BonusItemsEarnBonusTickets.
All my scenarios will reflect my personal goal to either make money or at least not to have spent any at the end of the month - after I get my Single Check Rebate, Rite Aid gift cards, and/or MIR checks.

**Unless otherwise indicated, there is a limit of one single check rebate per item.

The ad above is for this Thursday through Saturday, February 18th-20th. Keep this in mind when doing your planning/shopping for the week.

Remember that the week before last I won a $20 RA gift card from the Game of Life. So keep collecting those game pieces. And . . . I want to know if you win something.

Update: New Wellness+ coupons for $1/1 over-the-counter pain relief medication with a price of $1.99 or more, $1/1 hair care item with a price of $1.99 or more, and $1/1 candy item with a price of $1.99 or more.

Also more Wellness+ coupons (You need to sign in to access) $4/20, $0.50/1 snack item with a price of $1 or more, $1/1 candy item with a price of $1.99 or more, $2/1 skin care or beauty cosmetic item with a price of $2.99 or more. (***Just think of the possibilities if you pared these coupons with the Olay from purchase#1.***) Thanks to Challice for bringing this to my attention.

Purchase #1 (Update: Add razors to the purchase for a better deal - SEE BELOW)

1 Motrin pm (pg. 6-7) 20 ct. $2.99/1 (Remember that Thurs.-Sat. this will be 20% off - $2.39/1 - making this a bigger moneymaker.)
- $1/1 (1/3/RP; Printable) = $1.99/1 (or $1.39/1)
(- $1/1 Wellness+ coupon = $0.99/1 or Thurs.-Sat. $0.39/1)
- $2 SCR #16 = MAKE $0.01 (Thurs. - Sat. - MAKE $0.61) (w/ Wellness MAKE $1.01 or Thur.-Sat. $1.61)

3 Venus disposable razors (pg. 8) 2 or 3 ct. $5.99/1 = $17.97/3
- 3 $2/1 (2/7/PG) = $11.97/3

3 Olay skin or bath care products body wash (pg. 7) $6/1 = $18/3
- 3 $1/1 (1/17/PG - body wash bar, in-shower lotion, facial moisturizer, or cleanser; 2/14/RP) = $15/3
- 3 FREE Olay Body Wash wyb Venus Embrace or Breeze Razor (2/7/PG) = FREE
- $15 OlayMIR = FREE MAKE $15
(Check price of the Olay Regenerist. If I remember correctly, there is an Olay Regnerist facial moisturizer that is about $7.99 in price. If you use 3 $3/1 (1/17/PG) this would also be FREE after rebate. If it is less than I remember than it would be a moneymaker.)

Total before coupons = $20.99 $38.96
- $5/20 Rite Aid Video Values coupon
- $4 $25 (or $26 w/ Wellness+) (in MFC)
Total OOP = $11.99 + tax $8.96 + tax (w/ Wellness+ OOP would be $1 less)
- $2 SCR
- $15 Olay MIR
MAKE $5.01 - tax $8.04 + tax (w/ Wellness+ you'd make $1 more)
Get 1 Game of Life ticket
(Okay, if all that wasn't confusing enough, notice that the total before coupons will now be $38.96. If you have a Rite Aid that will allow you to use more than one $5/20 per transaction, then add an item that is at least $1.04 to the order. That will drop your OOP cost to around $5 - maybe less if you have coupons for that $1.04 item - and increase your profit to around $12.) (And My filler item for purchase #1 will probably be ziploc bags - I need some - (pg. 6) $1.99/1 - $0.50/1 in ad coupon = $1.49/1 - $0.40/1 (1/10/SS) = $1.09/1)

Purchase #2

1 Huggies diapers (pg. 1) $8.99/1
- $2/1 (Printable IE, Printable FF; also $1/1 - 1/17/SS) = $6.99/1
- $1/1 Jan. RA VV coupon = $5.99/1
- $3 SCR #33 = $2.99/1

1 Lysol healthy touch hand soap kit (pg. 6) $12.99/1
- $3/1 (1/24/SS) = $9.99/1
- $5/1 in-ad coupon = $4.99/1
- $1/1 Feb. RA VV coupon = $3.99/1 (NOTE: Some Rite Aids might not allow you to do this . . . mine will. If they don't allow it, then you will make $1 less and owe $1 more OOP.)
- $1 SCR (limit 2) = $2.99/1

Total before coupons = $21.98
- $5/20 Rite Aid Video Values coupon
- $12 (in MFC, RA VV coupons, and in-ad coupons)
Total OOP = $4.98 + tax
- $4 SCR
COST $0.98 + tax
Get 1 Game of Life ticket

Purchase #3 (NOTE: You can buy ALL YOU Magazine at Walmart.)

1 Visine eye care (pg. 2) 0.5 oz. $4.99/1
- $3/1 (ALL YOU March '10 or $2/1 - add $1 to OOP costs - 1/3/RP; Printable IE; Printable FF) = $1.99/1
- $2/1 in-ad coupon = FREE or make $0.01

1 Softsoap liquid hand soap (pg. 12) 7.5 oz. $0.79/1
 - $0.50/1 (ALL YOU March '10 or $0.35/1 - add $0.15 to OOP costs - 1/31/SS; Printable) = $0.29/1

2 GE extra soft white light bulbs (pg. 1) 4 pk. $4/2
- $3/2 in-ad coupon = $1/2

1 Lysol healthy touch hand soap kit (pg. 6) $12.99/1
- $3/1 (1/24/SS) = $9.99/1
- $5/1 in-ad coupon = $4.99/1
- $1/1 Feb. RA VV coupon = $3.99/1 (NOTE: Some Rite Aids might not allow you to do this . . . mine will. If they don't allow it, then you will make $1 less and owe $1 more OOP.)
- $1 SCR (limit 2) = $2.99/1

Total before coupons = $22.77
- $5/20 Rite Aid Video Values coupon
- $17.50 (in MFC, RA VV coupons, and in-ad coupons)
Total OOP = $0.27 + tax
- $1 SCR
MAKE $0.73 - tax
Get 1 Game of Life ticket

Purchase #4 (NOTE: You have to be able to use Wellness+ coupons to make money on this purchase.)

1 Dove or Degree deodorant (pg. 1) $3/2 = $1.50/1
- $1/1 (Dove - 1/31/RP; Degree Printable) = $0.50/1

1 Trident layers (pg. 11) $0.99/1
- $0.75/1 (2/7/SS) = $0.24/1
- $0.25/1 (RA Game of Life coupon) = FREE or MAKE $0.01

3 L’Oreal Everstrong hair care (pg. 4) $5.99/1 = $17.97/3
- 3 $2/1 (1/3/RP) = $11.97/3
(- 3 $1/1 Wellness+ coupon = $8.97/3)
- $5 SCR #4 wyb $13 = $6.97/3 (w/ Wellness+ $3.97/3)

Total before coupons = $20.46
- $5/20 Rite Aid Video Values coupon
- $7.75 (or $10.75 w/ Wellness+) (in MFC)
Total OOP = $7.71 + tax (w/ Wellness+ OOP would be $4.71)
- $5 SCR
COST $2.71 + tax (w/ Wellness+ you'd MAKE $0.29 - tax)
Get 1 Game of Life ticket

Total end profit on my purchases will be a minimum of: $5.08 - tax (w/ Wellness+ $9.08)
(My Rite Aid will allow me to combine all my transactions and use more than one $5/20 coupon, therefore I'll make more than what's above - see purchase #1.)

At the end of my shopping day I will make at least $5.08 - tax (w/ Wellness+ make a minimum of $9.08) and take home at least $104.17 worth of sale merchandise (I'll add ziploc bags worth $1.99 to that total).
If anyone sees anything that I've missed, please let me know. And of course, there are many, many other great scenario combinations. I'd love to hear what you come up with.

Okay, I found another good deal that I previously missed. This can either just be added to one of the transactions above, or if someone wants to help me, we could put on our thinking caps and come up with another "purchase." (But at the moment, I need to give myself a break - so for now, you'll have to do all the thinking.)

1 Wet N Wild (pg.5) 40% off ($3.99/1) = $2.39/1
- $2 SCR = $0.39/1

Also, Aussie shampoo, conditioner, or styler (pg. 4) $5/2
- $1/2 (2/14/RP) = $4/2
(- 2 $1/1 Wellness+ coupons = $2/2)

Yes, another update (1/17/10):
I went to Rite Aid today and much of the Sally Hansen nail polish is on clearance for 75% off. Plus there is a $2 SCR (limit 2) good only this week! I bought 2 "no chip" polishes - regular price $4.69. So clearance price was $1.17 each. And one of them had a 'free' clear polish taped to it. So 3 polishes total for me.

2 Sally Hansen nail polish $2.34/2 (clearance price)
- 2 $1/1 RA Jan. VV coupons = $0.34/2
- 2 $2 SCR #57 (limit 2) = MAKE $3.66

And Valentine's candy was 50% off. So if you can use Wellness+ coupons, look for candy that is just above $2. I saw some today for $2.49.

1 Valentine candy $2.49 - 50% = $1.24
- $1/1 Wellness+ coupon = $0.24/1

Know of another "deal?" Please post it in the comments.  : )


  1. The coupon for free Olay states you must buy a Venus embrace or Breeze. Do the disposables fit the coupon? Also, is Lysol hand soap coupon regional in the SS 1/24? I can't find it!

  2. A good friend of mine sent this to me today:

    I did a Rite Aid deal today 2/16/10 You are welcome to post it if you like.

    1 Venus Breeze $5.99
    2 Olay Body Wash & 1 Olay Moisturizer 3/$18
    3 Trident Layers Gum $.99 each

    coupons used:
    Rite Aid Video Value ($5) off $20 My order was $28 + before coupons (I could have broken the order up and added a few more items and used 2 $5 off $20, but I forgot it was before coupons and the free body wash was included in the total before coupons)
    Buy Venus Breeze Get Olay Body Wash Free ($6)
    ($1) off Olay moisturizer
    ($1) off Olay Body Wash
    3 ($0.75) Trident Layers coupons

    My total OOP $12.43 - $15 Olay mail in rebate. Made $2.57
    I could have made a little more if I would have added a few other items and done two separate orders.

  3. About the Venus razor coupon:

    Yes, both the Venus Embrace and the Venus Spa Breeze are disposable razors/come in disposable razor form.

    And the Lysol coupon:

    Unfortunately, it is a regional coupon. I didn't realize this when I posted it. . .

  4. Hey Erin,
    Just a few questons.....
    I seem to be having a problem printing the Everpure coupon. It seems to be that one only, I have been able to print the other ones. Any suggestions???
    How do you get mulitiple P & G , and redplum coupons? Ours are mailed to us so it not as easy as purchasing additional Sunday papers.
    Last question, we were told that when there is a holiday on a Monday that they don't put coupons in the Sunday papers, is this true?
    Thanks again for everything that you do,

  5. Debbie,

    I had not yet tried to print the Everpure coupon since I had the Red Plum coupons. But when I tried just now, it printed fine. So no, I don't have any suggestions. Except that if you wanted to send me your address via email, I could put the 2 I just printed in the mail as I don't need them. (If they go out today, they should get to you before the sale's over.)

    I also live in an area (greater Pittsburgh area) that receives the Red Plum and P&G in the mail, so I've had to deal with the same coupon issue as you. I've found that non-couponing people are willing to save them for me. I don't have any family in the area, but if I did that is where I'd start. I personally have asked a couple of people at church if they would save coupons for me. Neighbors are another good resource - providing you know your neighbors and are good friends.

    Many of my scenarios contain items that my family will not use (either we never had a need for it, or I've been able to get so many for free that there's no way we'll ever be able to use them all). I like to sporadically put together little gift bags of free stuff to say thank you to those people who save coupons for me.

    I've found that some gas stations sell out-of-area newspapers. Specifically one in my area carries The Washington Post which does contain Red Plum! So check around to see it anyone in your area might carry out of state/area papers (or petition them to start carrying the desired newspaper). (You might check Barnes & Noble too - I haven't done this yet and am unsure whether those Sunday papers have inserts or not.)

    And you are correct, generally when there is a holiday near there are no coupons in the paper. Just make sure you verify this every time as sometimes someone decides to put out a coupon insert. (However, it will generally be a Red Plum or P&G which doesn't affect those of us who receive it in the mail anyways.) I am unsure that the holiday falling on Monday makes any difference. The holiday could fall on any day of the week. It will affect the closest weekend.


  6. My friend, who sent me the scenario above, wrote me back lamenting the fact that she'd forgotten to use several coupons and could have made even more money.

    You all would not believe how many times I forget coupons! Life happens (for me that means crying babies/cranky kids, being in a hurry/not enough time to shop, or just plain forgetting). As I've stated in my blog posts, my main goal is to either make money or at least not to have spent any. My friend accomplished both, so in my book that's still a great scenario!

  7. Thank you so much. I would love the coupons and I am probably just missing it but how do I email you directly.


  8. You can email me at


  9. Hey Erin,

    I am having trouble finding the new wellness coupons that Challice told you about. I signed in but the coupons I got were $3 off $15 non prescription purchase, .50 off $1.00 or more greeting card, $2.00 any vitamin $2.99 or more, and B1G1 5 x 7 collage print. these exp 3/6


  10. HI,How do you get overage?I went to riteaid today and they would not let me do is what I was going to buy,I had a raincheck for the bena via deal bogo
    2 bena via $8.99x2
    huggies lil movers$8.99
    2 ge lightbulb $4.00
    2 ziplocs baggies$1.99x2
    degree deoderant$1.50
    -$8.99 bena via bogo
    -$5.00 off $20 purchase
    -$(2)$5 off mc pritable coupons for bena via
    -(2)$2 off riteaid coupons for bena via
    -$2 mc coupon for huggies
    -$$3.00 in ad coupon for lightbulbs
    -$1.00 mc for ziploc off 2
    -.50 cents in ad for ziploc
    -$1.00 off mc for degree deoderant
    =$.96 cents plus tax.They said both $5.00 mc coupons could not be used because it would be over what I was paying for the bena via.I read the copuon policy u have on your site and it looks like it says u can use a mc and a riteaid coupon it just cannot exeed the value of the product meaning they are right?I am confused,Please Help!!!

  11. Debbie,

    I can't find it either now. I wonder if they took it down. That happened once before - but luckily last time I had left it open on my computer and could still print it. Let me know if you happen to find it.

    There are also these now too.


  12. How do you get overage?

    Well, it depends on the Rite Aid, the manager, and the cashier. Yes, that is what the policy says, however since Rite Aid gets reimbursed for the full value of the coupons, I find that most of the time they do give overage in order to attract/keep customers.

    Although I have never had anyone tell me that I could not use a MFC coupon on a item (in fact, I've never even had them adjust the value of the MFC coupon down - except one time when I messed up and forgot to get a filler item and the total for my purchase would have been below $0. That time the manager said to adjust the last coupon down to make the entire purchase $0 including tax. They just handed me the receipt and I walked out of the store with the others in line behind me staring!). I have had them tell me that I couldn't use all the MFC and Rite Aid coupons on the same item (specifically - the Benevia) - due to overage. So when that happened, I just chose to use the two MFC coupons (I was given the full value for both MFC coupons).

    I try to always write that the item will be "FREE or MAKE $_____." However, I do generally figure that Rite Aid will give the overage as that is what happens most of the time.

    I hope that answered your question. Different Rite Aids and managers will do differently. What you should always be able to count on is getting the item for FREE, however much of the time you will get overage.


  13. Thanks.I went to a different riteaid today and was able to do my planned shopping trip.It was amazing deal to get everything for .96cents.It was a shift manager who rang me up to.

  14. I'm so glad that everything worked out well for you and that you found a nice shift manager. $0.96 OOP is a great price for all that! And you'll be getting a SCR TOO! Yeah - moneymaker!