Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snickers at Rite Aid

I'm working on my Rite Aid deals/scenarios for this week, but I just had to give this deal it's own post.

Snickers are B1G1 for $0.01 this week at Rite Aid.

So . . .
6 Snickers bars B1G1 for $0.01 ($0.88/1) = $2.67/6
- 2 $1/3 (02/21/RP) = $0.67/6 ($0.11/1)

Thanks to MavenofSaven.

Then, just for fun . . .  $0.11 is a great price for one, but I wonder . . . if I bought a whole bunch, could I get them any cheaper?

Answer: YES!!

48 Snickers bars B1G1 for $0.01 ($0.88/1) = $21.36/48
- $5/20 Rite Aid Video Values coupon = $16.36/48
- 16 $1/3 (02/21/RP) = $0.36/48 ($0.0075/1)

Now, what would anyone do with 48 Snickers bars. . . . eat them (not all at one time hopefully), share them, freeze them, donate them to a youth group . . .  : )
The bigger question would be: How to get the 16 coupons needed for this deal?


  1. Hi Erin. You can get that many coupons on ebay. But I was wondering, would you get that many snickers from one store? How does that work? Would you call up your Rite Aid in advance and ask them to order extra? I don't know how much they order for their advertised sales, but as someone who couldn't get a single Dove deodorant on Sunday morning, it's never fun to go shopping to find the store sold out :( Is it feasible to ask RA to order more?

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  3. It is feasible, however, whether or not they will do it will depend on your store's manager (some will, some will not). The general rule is the bigger the store, the better it is stocked.

    You could try to get a raincheck for them. You'd still have to buy all 48 at once, but it would give RA a chance to get them in.

    No Dove Sunday morning. . . that's awful. By the time I got to my store late in the week they were out of Dove too, but I'm lucky to have a great manager at one of the Rite Aids near me. She just writes up a raincheck minus the amount for the SCR. When they get the item in, I present my raincheck and I only pay the difference after the SCR. I love it - no hassle of submitting for an expired SCR. For the Dove she wrote up a "freebate" which meant that the Dove was given to me for a cost of $0 and I could still use my coupons. Like I said, I have a very coupon friendly RA.

  4. Hmmm... I didn't get a Snickers coupon in my 2/21 RP. So disappointing. These would have been great for the kids' Easter baskets.