Friday, February 12, 2010

This Week's Noteworthy FREEBIES 2/12/10

**Make sure that you use your junk email account when you sign up for these offers. (If you don't have a junk email; sign up for one.)**
**Remember that many times coupons for the product are sent out with the samples. This is another great reason for requesting samples.**

  1. BurtsBees Register to receive a FREE sample of Burts Bees toothpaste. Thanks to SouthernSavers.
  2. NickChavez Request a FREE hair care sample. Thanks to DealSeekingMom.  
  3. Surf Leave a tip on how to remove tough stains and get a FREE sample of Surf mailed to you.
  4. SandyPaper Request a FREE memo cube from Sandy Paper. (This will be helpful. I don't know how many times within the past 2 weeks I've been searching for a scrap of paper to jot down a note.)
  5. QualityHealth Sign up to receive FREE samples. I'm not sure what kind of samples you'll be sent. The picture on the sign-up page shows Colgate toothpaste, Acuvue contacts, and Purell hand sanitizer and the questions they ask you are about specific medical conditions.


  1. Erin,
    I purchased the 3 Olay products today 3 for $18. do I just enter my receipts on Rite Aid or do I have to do a Mail in Rebate with Olay?

  2. Sue,

    The Olay rebate is not part of the SCR. You would need to do a MIR.