Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Walgreens 1/31 to 2/6

Walgreens is decent this week. My middle son (he's 14 months) loves Keebler club crackers. When he sees them his whole face lights up. I think he might prefer them to cookies. So, I will definitively have to go by Walgreens this week . . . just for Josiah.

I’m going to break down each transaction so that you can see exactly what coupons to use and in what order. I write up a list like this for me to take to the store. Without it, too much can happen to distract oneself and I would end up paying a lot more OOP than necessary.

Once again, my personal goal is to spend as little money as possible OOP. Therefore, all my scenarios will reflect this. It’s kind of like a game to see how much I can get for how little.

**If you are new to shopping at Walgreen's, make sure you read THIS first as Walgreens has many coupon rules that you will need to be familiar with to get the best deals.**

I'm assuming that you already have RRs to spend, but if not purchase #1 will get you started without costing you anything.

Purchase #1 (If you don’t want the meter, they can be donated to missionaries, nursing homes, or those you know with diabetes. My doctor even told me to use one to monitor my blood sugar at the end of my pregnancy.)

1 Accu-Chek (pg. 15) blood glucose monitor $14.99/1 (earn a $5 RR)
Total items: 1

Then use the following coupons in order:
$10/1 Accu-Check (11/8/SS)
Total MCF: 1

Total OOP: $4.99 + tax
- $14.99 MIR (in box) = MAKE $10
Earn $5 RR for Accu-Chek (Roche LTD)

Purchase #2

Buy: (Again, don't want these, donate them.)
1 Scalpicin medicated wipes (pg. 16) $5.99/1 (earn a $6 RR - monthly deal)
1 Valentine tumbler (pg. 9) $0.17/1
Total items: 2

Then use the following coupons in order:
$1/1 Scalpicin (printable - no prints left)
$1/6 Valentine tumbler in-ad coupon (or other filler - I found Christmas candles on clearance for $0.06/1)
$5 RR for Accu-Check (Roche LTD) purchase #1
Total MFC: 2

Total OOP $0.16 + tax (or $1.16 without coupon)
Earn $6 RR for Scalpicin (Combe Incorporated)

Purchase #3

1 Blink Tears (pg. 16) $7.99/1 (earn an $8 RR)
1 Valentine tumbler (pg. 9) $0.17/1
Total items: 2

Then use the following coupons in order:
$1.50/1 Blink tears (Printable)
$1/6 Valentine tumbler in-ad coupon
$6 RR for Scalpicin (Combe Incorporated) purchase #2
Total MFC: 2

Total OOP $0.66 + tax
Earn $8 RR for Blink tears (Abbott Laboratories)

Purchase #4

2 Keebler Club crackers (pg. 2) $5/2 (earn a $2 RR wyb 2)
2 Advil PM (pg. 13) 16 to 20 ct. $4.49/1 (earn $5 RR wyb 2 - monthly deal)
2 Post cereals (pg. 3) $1/1
Total items: 6
Then use the following coupons in order:
2 $1/1 Keebler Club crackers (Sunday's 1/31 Parade mag.)
2 $2/1 Advil (11/15/RP; 12/13/RP; 1/31/RP; Printable)
$1/2 Post cereals (1/17/SS)
$8 RR for Blink tears (Abbott Laboratories) purchase #3
Total MFC: 6

Total OOP $0.98 + tax
Earn $2 RR for Keebler (Kellogg NA Co.)
Earn $5 RR for Advil (Wyeth Consumer Healthcare)

Purchase #5

1 Zicam Cold Sore gel swabs (pg. 16) 10 ct. $10.00/1 (earn $7 RR - monthly deal)
2 Valentine tumbler (pg. 9) $0.17/1
Total items: 3

Then use the following coupons in order:
$3/1 Zicam coupon on package
$1/6 Valentine tumbler in-ad coupon
$2 RR for Keebler (Kellogg NA Co.) purchase #4
$5 RR for Advil (Wyeth Consumer Healthcare) purchase #4
Total MFC: 3

Total OOP $0.34 + tax
Earn $7 RR for Zicam (Zicam LLC)

Total OOP cost for all transactions: $7.13 + tax
- $14.99 MIR = MAKE $7.86
Leftover: $7 RR for Zicam (Zicam LLC)

***As soon as you get in your car, or you get home, pull out the leftover RRs and write what you received them for on the RR. Do this so that you don't forget and try to use them on a like item. Sometimes the RR will clearly say what it was from and sometimes it will not. I always try to always add my own clarifying note.)***

At the end of the day, I will have MADE $7.86 - tax and received merchandise with a sale value of $55.63.

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