Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last Week's Shopping Trips

As you are all aware, my family was in town last week (my parents and my sister and her husband). That made for some interesting shopping. . . . in a good way. I don't normally go to JoAnns Fabric, but my mother was looking for quilt fabric and so . . . we all went. My boys had a grand time (at least for the first 10 to 15 min.) looking at all the brightly colored fabrics and spying baseball fabric, and football fabric, and zebra fabric, and car fabric, and hot air balloon fabric, and fish fabric . . . . .

Isaiah just loved the fish fabric that we found. He wanted to hold it. He wanted to buy it. . .  And since it was on the clearance rack, I decided that we could go ahead and take it home. (I'm going to pair it with the yellow fabric and turn it into pillow cases for the boys - maybe embroider their names on them - BUT DON'T TELL, I think this may be a Christmas present.

The blue swirled batik was also a clearance find. I'm thinking it would make a nice spring/summer skirt with a wide blue border. The blue border will probably have some sort of embroidery or beads on it. Now, let's see how long it takes me to get this made . . .

Giant Eagle was the next stop of the day. I'd laid out all my coupons (and rainchecks) and realized that I was going to have coupons that I would not be using, so my sister was able to pick up some things for her household as well. Below is what I bought. It cost me around $50 out of pocket. After all CAT's it will be like paying $11 plus change for everything below. 

That would be 14 ketchups, a total of 32 butters, 12 lbs. of rice, 10 pks of cream cheese, and 24 Betty Crocker potatoes as well as the other items pictured. Just to let you know, I don't plan on needing to buy either butter or ketchup ANYTIME soon.

Oh, and I forgot to mention this. When I checked my Giant Eagle receipt, it said that my coupon savings alone (doesn't include store sales) were $97!! That was a first for me. I had almost $100 in coupons! Wow. Who ever said that clipping coupons wasn't worth it?   : )  (Come to think of it, if my sister had just put her purchases on my receipt, we would have easily had over $100 in coupon savings . . . and I did give my sister the coupons, so I'm going to call it $100+ in coupon savings - it sounds better.)     : P

I also made it out to Rite Aid once early this week. Not to pick up any of the stuff that was on sale last week. But we were out of cat food and cat litter, and since I can easily work it into deals using rainchecks, I headed to RA. All the stuff pictured below was FREE.


  1. All I can say is WOW to the Giant Eagle trip. I've only been doing the Rite Aid (I just started this whole coupon thing over the summer), but now I'd like to get in to the Giant Eagle deals. I get two Sunday Papers a week - how do you get so much stuff? Do you get a lot more papers, or do you order a lot online?

  2. I cant figure out how to post a picture but my last week's shopping trips are on my blog.

    Love that GE trip! Look at all that butter! :D I think I still have the first bottle of Ketchup I bought when we first got married. 0_o

  3. Missie,

    Giant Eagle is my favorite local grocery store. They are higher priced if you are not shopping the sales. But with sales and coupons, they generally can not be beat (at least not by the other stores in my area). However, don't expect shoppings deals like that every week at Giant Eagle. Last week was just a really good week.

    Somewhere I read that you should buy 1 paper per person in your family. That has seemed to work well for me. There are 5 of us, so 5 papers is my minimum number. If it is a good coupon week, I'll get more than 5. I generally top out around 10 papers. More than that and I find that I can not make use of the coupons. (And I would just hate to let good coupons go to waste!)

    So far I've only bought papers locally, but I have bought many individual coupons online. The ketchups are an example of that. I bought some online and some my mother-in-law sent me from AL (the Heinz ketchup coupon is regional and never in our region). I also ordered some rice coupons online a while back since they were very inexpensive and don't expire until the end of the year. (The ketchup was a money maker after coupon and CAT; the rice was FREE after coupon.)


  4. Sodbusters,

    Went and checked out your site . . .

    I love your shopping trips. $2.27 OOP for everything - not bad!! I especially like the eggs you got at Walgreens. : )

    I should think of things like that . . .