Monday, November 1, 2010

Last Week's Shopping Trips

I made 2 Rite Aid runs this week (didn't get to any other stores at all). As you can see, I wanted to get in on the diaper deal.  : )  My store was all out of the Alka-Seltzer, so I got a . . . we'll just call it a "large" raincheck.

The picture above is from my first RA trip for the week. I bought 4 Gillette Pro Series (shelf price $7.99/1). Well, I forgot all about my 20% Wellness+ discount while I was in the store. I couldn't figure out why the +UP Reward didn't print. . . . figured it out when I got home. Anyway, I called the RA Wellness+ number so that I could ask whether or not the +UP was tracking (ie. could I purchase just one more in a separate transaction and get the +UP to print, or did I need to return the 4 I'd already bought and rebuy 5 in the same transaction) and the customer service rep. told me something very interesting. . . She said that people who have earned the 10% or 20% Wellness+ discount are not penalized when it comes to +UPs. Yes, the +UP won't print at the register. BUT, if you just call the number at the bottom of your receipt, RA will send you the +UP that you should have earned. Whether or not you qualify for the +UP is based on the price that people who do not have a discount would pay. (Sorry that was confusing.) The point is . . . since I bought 4 of the Gillette Pro Series which had a shelf price of $7.99/1 (or $31.96/4), then I qualified for the +UP Reward. . . Even though my total before all coupons was only $25.64/4 (or $6.41/1). This was news to me! AND that got me to thinking. . . . what did this mean for the Alka-Seltzer deal? I only have to buy 6, AND I get my 20% discount, and I STILL qualify for the extra bonus +UPs! You're telling me that RA wants to pay me even more to shop at RA? My head is spinning.

Saturday, I just had to run back to RA and pick up more FREE candy with my remaining coupons. I also had to do the Gillette deal again (for me that was an almost $10 Moneymaker). And the Renpure is B1G1 (should still be B1G1 this week too). There is a $3/1 Oct. RA VV coupon. And I found a "Try Me Free" MIR taped to the top of the bottles. There is no expiration date on the MIR and you are allowed more than one rebate per household (there is no stated limit on how many rebates you can get - only 1 rebate per receipt). So that is at least a $3 Moneymaker (for me it was a $6 Moneymaker as I had 2 VV coupons - mine and my husbands).

So, everything that I bought this week was either FREE or a moneymaker for me, with the exception of the diapers. But I made more than enough buying the other stuff to cover the cost of the diapers (the Gillette alone was a $10 moneymaker when I bought 4 . . . and I bought 8.)

Oh and if you look closely, you'll notice that I bought at least one of almost every size Huggies diaper RA sells. That's not because I have children in every size diaper. My RA just didn't have enough diapers in the sizes that I wanted, so I figured it would be easier to go ahead and buy the diapers, get the +UP Rewards, and then come back next week and exchange the diapers for the right sizes.

I share my photos with you every week. : ) I'd love to see yours!!


  1. Good thinking on the diapers....I should've done that a couple weeks ago with hair color.... :-) Didn't make it to GE last night?

  2. Nope. I just couldn't get to everything. I've got to get there before Wed. though.

  3. Carrie, thanks for posting your pictures! You did GREAT!!

    Thanks for hanging out with us on Sunday.


  4. I just got some pullups with no coupons. :P I wasnt thinking well enough and should have gotten 3 pacakges and used a $5/$25 coupon but I was in a rush and went over the weekend.

    For some reason I couldnt print the pullup coupons from the site and emailed them about and recieved in the mail today several coupons! :) But sadly not in time. They had no Alka Seltzer, No Fushion Pro, All the candy was gone, and there was no more NYC Nail Enamel. Sigh. Its getting really hard to shop there and I couldnt get a rain check. :P

    Hopin' for a better week cause I paid $8 for pull ups. *gasp*

  5. Sodbusters,

    I'm sorry that RA has been so hard on you. Have you called corporate and kindly spoken to them about being unable to get rainchecks at your store. (Your store really should be giving you rainchecks!)

    Everyone I've ever spoken to at RA corporate has been super kind. I bet they would take care of the problem if you called. It's my guess that they don't want loyal RA customers frustrated on a regular basis with their shopping trips to ANY of their stores.

    My RA just got a new cashier (transferred from a closing RA). When I asked for the Alka Seltzer, she was not sure that she could give me a raincheck for as many as I wanted. I offered to go ask the other manager (he's been at that store for years). The regular manager said that I could indeed have a raincheck for any amount I wanted (as long as there is no limitations printed in the RA ad). He did smile and add that if it was for some extremely high number (1,001), he could say with certainty that I wasn't going to be able to get them all, but I was welcome to "get" a raincheck for any amount I wished. : )