Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Last Week's Shopping Trips

       I really didn't get much at Rite Aid last week. I only made it to RA once for an hour - with all my kids. (That doesn't translate into a large shopping trip.) Everything was basically FREE. The Febreze spray was FREE after $5/$25 coupon. The Dawn was FREE. The St. Ives was FREE. The Tide was FREE. The Febreze packages (can't remember what they are called) were a moneymaker. They covered the cost of the Head and Shoulders.  : )  And the Hershey's was a needed filler to be able to use the desired +UP Reward.

I didn't make it out to any other stores. You'd think it would have been a slow week for me . . . it didn't seem to be slow at all. (In fact, it seemed to be busier than usual.)


  1. Last week I did 2 St. Ives (on for my mom and one for me) 1 Tide, 2 Kendell and 2 Benadryl. I totally forgot my $5/$25 (GASP!) and used $12 in GC's and $7 oop. Sigh. It was a terrible week for me. I am just playing the mind game and saying, ok I paid $7 but now I am getting my $20 Allergy reward GC.

  2. : ) . . . but I understand, some days are just like that.

    That's why I make the statement that as long as I at least break even by the end of the month, I'm satisfied. Of course, I prefer to actually make money, but sometimes . . . it's not happening.