Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rite Aid Deal and Transaction Scenarios 11/28 to 12/4


New to Rite Aid shopping? Visit the RiteAid page for more information.

Print out EXTRA $5 off any purchase of $25 or more coupons HERE (exp. 12/31/10). Coupons will be blurry at first. Give them a minute to finish loading.

All my scenarios will reflect my personal goal to either make money or at least not to have spent any at the end of the month - after I get my Single Check Rebate, Rite Aid gift cards, and/or MIR checks.

**Unless otherwise indicated, there is a limit of one single check rebate per item.

Thanksgiving week was a very busy week for us. I didn't get out to my regular stores AT ALL. We ended up driving out of town (on a short vacation) Thanksgiving evening.

Just to let you all know, I'm currently still on vacation and expect to put out another scenario later. Just wanted to get this out for all of you so that you could start getting ready for next week.

So far, I've only had one $1 +UP Reward expire on me. Somehow I put it in the wrong place and didn't find it again (or even realize it was missing) for a month. I was disappointed when I found it, but on the other hand, it was bound to happen sometime and I figured $1 is not too bad. I'm sure that I'll loose more than that at some point in time. How are you all doing with the +UPs?

Purchase #1

1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor (pg. 1) $9/1
- $4/1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide, exp. 12-31-10 (P&G 11/28/10) = $5/1
- $5 +UP Reward (limit 3) = FREE

1 Organix Shampoo or Conditioner (pg. 15) $5.99/1
- $2 +UP Reward = $3.99/1
- "Try Me Free Hangtags" (on product) = MAKE $2

1 Dial Hand Soap (pg. 17) $0.99/1
- $0.35/1 Dial Bar Pack or Liquid Hand Soap, exp. 11-28-10 (RP 10/10/10) = $0.64/1
- 1/1 Dial Hand Soap (Rite Aid Booklet) = FREE or MAKE $0.36

2 Sundown Vitamins and Supplements (pg. 18) B1G1 (starting at $3.49/1) = $3.49/2
- 2 $1/1 Sundown & Marvel Vitamins, exp. 12-21-10 (RP 11/07/10; Printable) = $1.49/2
[or $2/1 Sundown Naturals Supplement, exp. 12-24-10 (Kroger Insert, 10/24) = FREE or MAKE $1.51]
- $1/1 Sundown Product Nov. RA VV coupon = $0.49/2

2 Lysol Disinfectant Spray (pg. 21) $7/2
- 2 $1/1 Lysol Disinfectant Spray, exp. 12-07-10 (SS 11/07/10) = $5/2
- $1/1 Finish or Lysol Product Nov. RA VV coupon = $4/2
- 2 $2/1 Lysol Spray (Rite Aid Booklet) = FREE
- $1 +UP Reward wyb 2 = MAKE $1

Total before coupons at least $26.47
- $5/$25 RA VV coupon
- $15.35 (in MFC and RA coupons)
Total OOP $6.12 + tax (Remember to use previously earned +UP Rewards to reduce your OOP.)
- $5.99 MIR (hangtag) = $0.13
earn $5 +UP Reward from Gillette
earn $2 +UP Reward from Organix
earn $1 +UP Reward from Lysol
(like MAKEing $7.87 on this scenario)

If I roll the +UP Rewards from one transaction to the next, I will end up paying a total of $6.12 OOP for products with a sale value of $26.47 (that is if I didn't have any +UP Rewards from previous weeks . . . which, of course, I did). I will have earned $0 in SCRs which will get sent to me in check form (that I can cash at the bank) at the end of the month. I will receive a MIR check for $5.99. And I will have $8 in +UP Rewards left for other purchases this week or next. That's like MAKEing $7.78 on products with a sale value of $26.47!

You can see the rest of the Rite Aid coupon matchups for this week here.


  1. Great blogs. I'm amazed at how much the both of you are able to save every week.

    Eli---Your local Rite Aid Clerk :)

  2. Eli,

    Wow, you can't imagine my surprise at seeing your comment on here.

    . . . Does this mean that we can now expect competition from all the Rite Aid cashiers? : )

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


    I have both WAGS and RA here.

  4. Coupon matchup!

    They have the foam art stuff bogo50%off
    I just bought a princess jewel box kit and a animal kit for $2.29+ $2.69 - 50% off and then used the $5/2 RA VV coupon. Little overage. :D Great Stocking STuffers!

  5. Sodbusters,

    Oohh, thanks for the heads up.