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Newspaper Insert Coupons for 11/28/10

Remember that coupon values can differ and that different regions will get slightly different coupons.

There will only be 1 coupon insert this Sunday - 1 Procter & Gamble. If you get your P&G in the mail - like I do, there will be NO INSERTS in this Sunday's paper (buy an out-of-area paper that contains the P&G).

If you see any coupons that will make a GREAT deal this week or in the coming weeks, let me know and I'll add that info to my post. Hopefully, having this info up front will help you in your planning.

Procter & Gamble 11/28/10:
  • $3.00 any one Olay Regenerist facial moisturizer or cleanser
  • $20 Mail In Rebate wyb $50 worth of any Olay, Venus, Covergirl, Secret, Pantene, Herbal Essences, and/or Clairol products 11/28 thru 12/31
  • $1.00/1 Covergirl Product
  • $2.00/2 Covergirl Products
  • $.50/1 Secret Deodorant (excludes Trial size)
  • B2G1 buy one Olay total effects facial moisturizer and one Olay total effects body wash Get one Olay total effects facial cleaners free (up to $6)
  • B1G1 Buy one Olay body wash get one Olay hand and body lotion free (up to $7)
  • $4.00/1 Gillette Fusion Proglide Manual or power razor - FREE after coupon and +UP at Rite Aid next week. (Limit 3 per Wellness card)
  • $2.00/1 Gillette Fusion Proglide cartridge 4ct or larger
  • B2G1 Buy 2 Gillette deodorants , Get one Gillette deodorant free (excludes trial sizes)
  • $2.00/1 Gillette deodorant/anti-prespirant (excluding trial size)
  • $10.00/1 any Braun male series 3,5 or 7 shaver (excludes Mobileshave and accessories)
  • $2.00/1 Gillette Fusion shave prep or Gilette Proseries skin product (exluding trial size)
  • $2.00/1 Old Spice gift set
  • $1.00/2 Old Spice deodorants
  • $.75/1 Scope Mouthwash 710ml or larger
  • $.75/1 Oral-B Satin, Glide floss 25M or more or Glide floss picks 30ct or higher
  • $5.00/1 Crest 3-D white Professional Effects, Advanced Vivid 14ct, Gentle Routine or Stain Shield Whitestrips (excludes Crest 3D White Vivid Whitestrips)
  • $.75/1 Oral B Pulsar, Crossaction, Advantage, or any TWO indicator OR Cavity Defense manual toothbrushes
  • $.75/1 Crest Toothpaste 4.0 oz or larger or liquid gel
  • $.25/1 Cascade
  • $.25/1 Dawn
  • $.50/1 Dawn hand renewal
  • B1G1 Buy one Febreeze flameless luminary starter kit, Get one Febreeze flameless luminary refill
  • $2.00/1 Febreeze home collection flameless luminary refill
  • $2.00/1 Febreeze home collection diffuser
  • $2.00/1 Febreeze home collection candle
  • $1.00/1 Tide stain release
  • $1.00/1 Tide To Go
  • $1.00/1 Tide Detergent
  • $.50/1 Downy Liquid fabric softener or dryer sheets
  • $.50/1 Bounce dryer sheet
  • $1.00/1 Bounce dryer bar
  • $2.00/1 Mach3 8ct or higher cartridges
  • $.55/1 Gillette Series shave gel
  • B1G1 Buy any Pantene product (except trial size) Get one 12.6oz or less Pantene shampoo free (up to $6.00)
  • $1.00/2 Pantene products (excludes trial size)
  • $.25/1 Bounty towels or napkins
  • $1.00/1 Metamucil product
  • $2.00/1 Metamucil product
  • $.75/1 Fixodent cleanser
  • $.50/1 Fixodent adhesive
  • $10.00/1 Oral B Pulsonic, Professional Care, or Sonic Complete Rechargable Toothpaste
  • $5.00/1 Oral B replacement brush heads 3ct or larger
  • $3.00/1 Oral B Crossaction Power, Crossaction Power White, OR Crossactions power max brush
  • $1.00/1 Oral B Crossaction Power Refill
  • $1.00/1 Oral B Stages Zooth, or Kids Crest Manual or Power toothbrush
  • $1.00/2 Oral B Stages, Zooth, or Kid’s Crest toothpaste
  • $3.00/1 Prilosec OTC
  • $7.00/2 42ct Prilosec OTC
  • $4.00/1 PUR or PUR flavor Options System (pitcher or faucet mount)
  • $2.00/1 PUR pitcher or Faucet Mount Multi-pack replacement filters or PUR refrigerator Filter
  • $1.50/1 Dayquil product
  • $1.50/1 Nyquil product
  • B2G1 Buy any two Vicks products, get one puffs free (up to $1.99) - FREE + possible FREE Vicks Sinex at Rite Aid next week after coupons.
  • $1.00/1 pack of LUVS diapers
  • $1.00/1 ERA
  • $1.00/1 GAIN detergent or fabric enhancer
  • $1.00/1 Charmin basic
  • $1.00/1 Febreeze Air Effects
  • $.50/1 Gain dishwashing liquid
  • $1.00/1 Nice N Easy or Balsam
  • $1.00/1 Herbal Essences or Aussie product -  : P  If I'd known that this coupon was coming out last Saturday, I'd have gotten a raincheck for them and would have had a lot more FREE shampoo/conditioner.
  • $.35/1 Zest bodywash. Zest Bar, or Safeguard Bar Pack
  • $.25/1 Ivory body wash, bar pack, or liquid hand soap
  • $.25/1 Charmin
  • $1.00/1 Pampers diapers or pants
  • B1G1 Buy any one Pampers diapers BOX get any one Pampers Thick Care wipes 72ct pack FREE
  • $1.50/1 Underjams Night Wear or Pampers Easy Ups
Parade Magazine 11/28/10:
  • None currently known.
*ETS = Excludes Trial Sizes
DND5 = Coupon states 'Do Not Double' but the barcode starts with a 5
DND9 = Coupon states 'Do No Double' and the barcode starts with a 9
(x.....) after coupon is the expiration date
If you see a number in ( ) before the coupon, that shows there will be multiples of the same coupon in the insert.
WYB= When You Buy

Thanks to SundayCouponPreview for this preview.

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