Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rite Aid "Coupon Savings" Booklet

If you haven't already found this (I'm a bit late in posting this), make sure you go check out your Rite Aid Video Value account. There is a coupon for the $100 RA "Coupon Savings" Booklet. This is really good news for those of you who have been unable to get your hands on any of these booklets. Just hand the VV coupon to the pharmacist and you should quickly get your booklet.

Be sure you send your husband/wife into RA to pick up their FREE coupon booklet too (They would need to print their own coupon - ie. have their own VV account.)    : )

(NOTE: Only Rite Aid's which also offer flu shots have these booklets. Make sure your RA offers the flu shot before you make a needless trip.)


  1. I watched the video for the coupon book, so why didn't it show up in my coupons to print?

  2. Look for a Rite Aid coupon. It didnt say coupon book on my account so I just printed all the rite Aid Coupons and one of them was the book. :)

  3. Missie,

    The coupon is labeled as "Rite Aid Flu Shot" and it is for $0.01 off. That last part made me laugh. Appearantly they can't tag a coupon as giving a FREE item.