Saturday, September 11, 2010

We Have Added A New Coupon Clipping Service

We have just become an affiliate of The Coupon Clippers. You'll see their button in the side bar, right underneath The Q Hunter. Both clipping services are wonderful to work with. The reason for the addition is two-fold.

1. The Q Hunter is a smaller clipping service, with a very personable owner and cheaper prices, but she sells out faster. The Coupon Clippers will still generally have coupons in stock after The Q Hunter has sold out.

2. The two clipping services do have some different coupons. They also get coupons that are different values from each other. So one time it may be much more advantageous to order from Cindy at The Q Hunter and the next time The Coupon Clippers will have just the coupon value you need.

I hope this will aid you in finding and getting the best deals possible.  Remember, you support 1 Faithful Steward when you order coupons through our links.

If you can think of something else that we could do to make your job a little easier, let us know.   : )

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