Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm Picking Up Extra Newspapers

This looks like a great week to pick up some extra papers. There are a lot of wonderful coupons coming out this weekend. I'm also going to make sure I pick up some Washington Posts (different coupon values and Red Plum will be included).

A good rule of thumb is to buy 1 paper for every person living at your house (or every person you are shopping for on a regular basis). I buy a minimum of 5 papers a week (5 people at my house). On good weeks, like this one, I'll pick up extras. : ) I know this sounds a little excessive, but I save a LOT of money this way. I can pick up the Pittsburgh Post Gazette from the Dollar Store for $1/1. And I can pick up the Washington Post from Giant Eagle (Cranberry Twp.) for $1.50/1.

Some people correctly point out that the cost of papers really adds up. Do you really save money if you have to buy a lot of papers? Yes! Last night I bought $238 of groceries at Giant Eagle (cheese, soup, hot dogs, bread, chicken, tortillas, rice, etc.). After coupons I payed $22 (and that's more than I normally spend).

It does take time and effort to organize the coupon inserts, cut out the coupons, and find the deals. And it will take you extra time if you are just starting out (until you learn the ropes). But it can be done and you can save a LOT of money too on everyday purchases.

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