Saturday, September 25, 2010

Newspaper Insert Coupons 9/26/10

There is a BIG football game (Alabama vs. Arkansas - for anyone who may be interested) in a matter of minutes that my husband intends to watch online (we don't have a TV). So, I must post and get off.  : )

This weekend there will be 3 coupon inserts (1 SmartSource, 1 Red Plum, and 1 P&G). There will also be a Hasbo Playsaver insert; I am not sure whether or not all the papers will get this one. For a preview of this week's coupons, please check out SmartSource Coupon Preview and Sunday Coupon Preview.


  1. : ) Yep, Roll Tide Roll! It was a close game. Scott thought 'Bama was going to loose it. . . but they didn't. They pulled a win during the last few min. of the 4th quarter. Yeah! Very HAPPY husband!

    And you guessed correctly again. I sat and sorted coupons and got organized - occasionally glancing up at the computer in order that I would know enough about what was going on to respond to any comments/questions that might get directed my way. : )