Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Let's See If This Works . . .

This is really just a test to see if the picture fits within the blog box.
But, since I had to post a picture to test my theory. . . I figured I might as well post a good one.  : )

This is my 4 year old out helping Daddy rake up grass clippings. He's pushing the wheelbarrow that he got for his birthday. Not pictured are the child sized rake and other yard tools. (I absolutely love the tool and wheelbarrow set. They are real tools, not just toys.


  1. I've spent enough time on this for the moment. This will just have to wait to get fixed another day.

  2. You might have to choose a different theme.

  3. I know that I said that I was not going to spend any more time on this . . . but I figured out a temporary solution. Not what I wanted but it will do for the moment. Yeah!

  4. Thanks Challice!

    Mrs. Dan, we're looking forward to having you back. : )