Thursday, September 30, 2010

Today is the Day!

The new computer is on its way. The tracking number shows that it is currently "out for delivery!!"

Now before you get too excited about all the wonderful posts coming up later today, there are two things you should know.

1. I'm relatively computer setup illiterate. I can do a lot once everything is set up and working.

2. I'm sick, which means I will be napping at times today . . . not posting.

The good news is that new posts are on their way.

Thank you to everyone for patiently waiting with me.


  1. Hey Erin! You get yourself feeling better first then you can post away! I know you are anxious to get back to posting but you have taught us well enough to fly on our own for the time being!!

  2. Nikki, thank you. That's really sweet. My husband is with me as I read this and he says that he agrees. He's been great! I have no idea when he got home from work . . . I woke up, but he told me to go back to sleep. He made dinner. Let me sleep till 7:00!! In addition, of course, to his other nightly chivalrous activity. (Hmm, can you tell he's still looking over my shoulder? He, he.)

  3. OK, I missed something. You are ill? :( Get well soon!

  4. Challice,
    I kind of just came down with it. Wednesday we were out shopping (and got pictures taken of our whole family). Well, I didn't take a jacket because I was assuming it would warm up. It didn't; it got cooler. So I was outside in the cold wind with short sleeves for around 4 hours (we were going in and out of stores and there was quite a bit of walking outside). I had sweaters for all the boys and sports jackets (part of the outfits they had their pictures in) so they stayed warm. They still came down with runny noses. I should have known better . . . but I really didn't think it was that cold. On the positive side - I have no need of ANY medicine. Let's just say that the medicine cabinet is FULL.

  5. We'll never run out of Benadryl... :-)

    Are you ok? I can run over if you need me, although I have bad cold too....hmm, possibly that wouldn't be so helpful.... Let me know.

  6. Thanks Katie,

    I'm doing a little better today, I think. Scott's been very helpful. I really don't feel all that bad anymore; I'm just really, really tired.

    Scott's taking Isaiah to the Pitt game this afternoon. I'm going to rest as soon as I get the two little boys down for their afternoon nap.

    I don't expect that I'll be at church tomorrow (or the two little ones - runny noses). I'll have to wait and see how Isaiah's doing. Please let your mom know that he may or may not be there. He has a runny nose, but it's almost gone and he may be able to go tomorrow. We'll just have to wait and see.