Wednesday, January 26, 2011

UPDATE!! PediaSure / PediaSure SideKicks MIR

If you bought the PediaSure at Rite Aid (or somewhere else) and were planning on submitting for the MIR, make sure you read this first!!

First of all, the MIR (same one as in paper last weekend) is good on one 6 pk. of PediaSure or one 4 pk. of PediaSure SideKicks.

HOWEVER, the FINE PRINT states that the max. value can not exceed $13.99 (no problem here) and the minumum purchase can NOT BE LESS THAN $6.47 (okay - problem). If you purchased this at Rite Aid and you have a discount on your Wellness+ card, then your cost WILL BE less than the minimum purchase amount.

What to do? It's really quite simple. Return (or if you happen to be holding a raincheck for some like I am, just make sure you do it right the first time) 1 pk. and then turn around and rebuy it without using your Wellness+ card. You will get charged full price and will be able to submit for the rebate.

THE FINE PRINT ALSO STATES that you must pay by cash, check, or credit card. So make sure that you don't use a gift card to pay off the whole amount (like I generally do) and you'll be set to submit the MIR.  : )

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