Monday, January 24, 2011

Last Week's Shopping Trips

First of all, let me just say that last week was a great week at Rite Aid. I only made it to Rite Aid and Walgreens last week. But I made it to 5 different Rite Aids (over 4 different days)! That's a record for me. Previously, I'd never been to more than 3.

Secondly, even though I bought a ton of stuff, I was very careful to leave plenty on the shelf for other shoppers. I did end up clearing a couple of shelves - when the store only had 1 or 2 in stock or when I needed to buy a certain quantity to get the deal/+UP reward (as was the case with the Hormel Chili and the RA tissues below)

The two pictures above and the one below are from Sunday, hence the mutiple toilet papers/RA tissues. (Early Mon. morning RA put a limit of 1 on those items and then changed it later Mon. morning to 3.) I went to 3 different stores on Sunday and each photo shows what I bought at each store. The Nivea lip care in the first photo was purchased using a raincheck.

The photo below shows my purchase at my last stop on Sunday. It was a very little RA. The store manager stood right behind the little cashier and watched her check me out. I only used 4 coupons; I paid in +UPs till I owed under $1; then I used my RA gift card. When the receipt printed, the cashier exclaimed, "Wow, this is the longest receipt I've ever seen."  Hmm, must not get many couponers.

The next 3 photos are my Tuesday RA purchases. The middle photo is entirely of clearance items.

Then on Wednesday we discovered that we were out of cat litter, so it was off to RA again. The candy canes were clearanced for $0.10/1. I'll break them out as a special treat for my boys.

And then I made it out late Saturday night (2 pictures below) to pick up some things/deals that I had forgotten earlier in the week and to get some rainchecks.

This is my little helper. When I get home, he always helps me unload my bags. He puts away all the plastic shopping bags. Then after I take my pictures, he helps me put the items away (even knows where most of them go).

And then . . . my Walgreens trip. This is all I bought at Walgreens. They only had 3 total left on the shelf. I got a raincheck for 2 more. Tried to get a raincheck for more than that, but the cashier insisted that since the Walgreen's coupon states "Limit 1 per customer" and the coupon was for $1/2, then I could only get a RC for 2. Never mind the fact that if I had bought 6 and she had scanned that 1 coupon, that it would have taken $1 off for every two I bought. I only need 1 coupon! Anyway, when I go back to redeem my raincheck, I think that I may try to appeal the raincheck to a manager.

All together this week, I ended up not spending anything at RA. I paid exclusively with +UPs and my previously earned RA gift card. At Walgreens I spent a total of $0.34 OOP.

I am going to have to get to Giant Eagle this week and get some groceries!

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