Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sumoku: A Challenging Math Game for Children and Adults

I ran across this blog post yesterday and found it very interesting. While my kids are too young to actually play this game yet (my oldest is 4), this will definitely be something that makes its way into our house at some point in the future. 

Everything needed to play this game is zipped up in the compact, brightly colored, cone-shaped bag.

The premise of all the Sumoku games is to arrange the number tiles in a crossword-style pattern where each row and/or column adds-up to a multiple of the key number.
The key number is established at the start of each game with the roll of the die. Once the key number is established it stays the same throughout the entire game.
Each player keeps (8) eight number tiles at all times – grabbing from the extra tiles after each play.
After all the tiles are played, the player with the highest score wins.
Sounds simple, eh?

In the game we played above, our key number was (3) three.
Meredith created a column with the number combination [9][3][7] and [5].
The sum of the four numbers is 24.
Because of the positioning, Meredith also had to pay attention to the horizontal row her new column touched–in order for it to work, its sum also has to be a multiple of 3.
It had a previous number combination of [2] [4] [5] and [1].
When she added a [3] to that combination, the sum became [15], which was still a multiple of (3) three.

The addition practice comes in as the kids add-up each of their ongoing scores.
The multiplication practice comes in as the kids have to remember their multiplication families to know if the sum of a Sumoku is a multiple of the key number.
The division practice comes in because it doesn’t take long before the kids discover that dividing is often the fastest way to think through each of their plays.

Visit ThePioneerWoman to read the entire blog post.

Interested in purchasing Sumoku, Amazon has it listed at $14.99. Some Targets are also reported as having Sumoku. I'm not sure of the price at Target.

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