Monday, January 17, 2011

Rite Aid Toilet Paper / Tissue News

Rite Aid corporate just put a limit of 1 +UP Reward per single roll of toilet paper, 4 pk toilet paper, and box of tissue.

If you already bought some yesterday, no +UPs will print for you today. This also changed when they changed the +UP limit to 3. If you bought toilet paper/facial tissue on Sunday, then you can buy 3 more and still get the +UPs.

If you didn't get in on the deals yesterday, then you can buy 1 of each to get a total of 3 +UPs. You can buy 1 of any of those 3 items and get 1 +UP. And the new, NEW news from corporate is that they are going to change their limit of 1 total per household to a limit of 3 per household.  : )  Kind of leaves me wondering what the limit will be tomorrow . . . or in a couple of hours?
Just to clarify, that is 1 +UP total. NOT 1 +UP for the 4 pk. toilet paper, and 1 for the single roll toilet paper, and 1 for the tissue. No, pick one item and buy it. You will only get 1 +UP - total. You can now buy 3 total items and get 3 +UPs.

There is an additional tissue deal, in that if you buy 10 in a single transaction, an extra $3 +UP will print. So if you were to buy 10 for $10, you would get 3 $1 +UPs and a $3 +UP back.


  1. So as of right now, you can get 10 items, pay $10 oop, and get $6 in +UP rewards? Also, would that work on 10 of the same item, or must you buy the three different items?

  2. Katie,

    The extra $3 +UP only works with the facial tissue (not TP). Sorry, guess I didn't make that clear. So yes, if you buy 10 facial tissues then you would get $6 back in +UPs. If you want the toilet paper, you would only get a max of 3 $1 +UPs.