Monday, January 31, 2011

This Week's Shopping Trips

Last week, I didn't go shopping AT ALL. I know, I intended to go Saturday night - just so that I could pick up the FREE light bulbs, some cat food, and 1 or 2 other things . . . but we went out at 5 pm for an early dinner (Outback - had a gift card - smile). And at 8:30 when we finally sat down at a table (long story) I realized that my chances of actually getting to Rite Aid before they closed were getting slimmer and slimmer. We did have a lovely dinner and the waiter was great about making sure that we had something for the kids to snack on almost as soon as we got to the table. And if I may brag about my kids for a second: they were remarkably good for having had a short nap (I woke them up early so we could grab an early dinner.) and for not having eaten since they got up from before mentioned nap. Oh yeah, and for being 4, 2, and 1 year old. We passed Rite Aid, on our way home, at 10:02. My Rite Aid closes at 10 pm.

So, all that to say, I can't very well put up a post about last week's shopping trips now can I?

I figure this is my chance to get ahead of the game. I did get out to Rite Aid Sunday morning (1/30/11). My husband is the music leader at church. He has to be at church to open the building and get ready for music practice around 7:30 am. Sunday school doesn't start until 9 am. I used to take my boys and sit in the nursery with them for an hour and a half before Sunday school would start. But after doing that for around 2 1/2 years, they seemed to get a little bored with the nursery toys . . . hmm, I wonder why. The two that actually were supposed to STAY in the nursery were so bored with it by the time church started that they no longer were excited to be there. Then one Sunday, I had a brilliant idea, if I do say so myself.  : )  You see, Rite Aid is just down the road from our church, like 5 minutes down the road. That Rite Aid opens at 8 am. So now my Sunday mornings consist of dropping my husband off at church at 7:30, driving to Rite Aid, feeding my kids breakfast in the parking lot (pop tarts and juice boxes are their Sunday morning treat - they don't get them at ANY other time) and listening to church music, and then being ready to walk in the doors when RA opens. We spend the first few minutes looking at whatever catches the boy's interest as we walk into the store. Then it's my turn. I'll pick up whatever I have time to get. Generally that means I'm going to be following my scenarios pretty closely. If I have additional coupons and there is plenty on the shelf for other shoppers too, then I'll pick up some extras.

I've been very impressed with the managers at my regular RA stomping grounds. They are doing their best to keep their store well stocked. Two weeks ago, I mentioned to one of the shift managers a few of the products that were going to be big sellers this week and when I walked in this morning, there were packed shelves. Yes, I am very impressed! Plus, the managers at this particlar RA are super friendly and helpful.  : )  Thank you for making Rite Aid an enjoyable place to shop.

If I make it out again this week - still HAVE to make it to Giant Eagle - I'll post my other trips in this same post and bump it up to the top of the blog so it will be easy to find when there are updates.

Let me know how you do/did. If you have a great photo, I'd love to see it. You can even just email it to me at 1faithfulsteward(at)gmail(dot)com and if you give permission, I'd love to post it. Or leave a comment with the details of your trip. Have a blog, link your shopping trip below.


  1. I loved all the Rite Aid deals this week! I was able to get $106 worth of products and made $2.00! (That was including buy 2 packs of diapers that did not give any +Ups. I was desperate!) This is by far the best I've done!

    Thanks for your posts! I have a few other websites that I look at regularly, but you definitely have the easiest & clearly written Rite Aid deals! :)

  2. Breana,

    You did GREAT! Isn't RA wonderful? I mean where else can you make money on $106 worth of product? Long Live Rite Aid!!!!

    Thank you for the blog comment. It's always nice to know that what I'm doing is actually useful.

    In fact, as I was typing up the scenarios this week I was asking myself, "Is this really worth the time? I mean, is anyone actually using this? Finding it helpful? Or have the scenarios become obsolete with the departure of the $5/$25 coupon?"

    Can I ask what about them you find particularly helpful? I find them helpful to me . . . but I wrote them. I don't count. I know that I've asked several similar questions over the past year, but RA has changed a lot of things and I want to make sure that my scenarios/methods (or whatever I do) stay current.

    I'm with you on the diapers. : ) I'm not desperate yet . . . but I haven't seen a lot of good diaper sales recently and I'm going to go ahead and replenish the vastly depleted stockpile.


  3. Well, one thing that I particularly like is how you make the transactions and show how to break them up. Most sites just post the deals. But when your trying to pay the least OOP it can be difficult to figure out how to break it up.

    Also, you do a great job of showing how much everything will cost after discounts & coupons... Because sometimes I can get lost in what the actual cost will be for items & I don't want to be buying something if it's not really a deal. And if I want to swap out an item I can know exactly how much it should cost to have a similar Total.

    Another probably surprising fact, is that I like how simple your site is. No fancy font or coloring or background! I just want to read information not be entertained! Lol

    Some women at my church are wanting me to start a coupon class to teach them how to do this. And i know that I will definitely be offering your site for help! :)

  4. Breana,

    That's very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to detail out what you like specifically.

    Teaching a class . . . what a neat opportunity. If I can be of any further help on the blog end, let me know. I know that coupon shopping is the only way my family meets budget at the moment.