Saturday, January 8, 2011

The "Sick" Bug Has Hit Our House

I had every intention of posting several times yesterday and had more posts planned for today . . . but yesterday I got sick. The very yucky kind of sick. Today I'm feeling a little better. But today my husband and my middle child are sick. In retrospect, I think my youngest got sick 2 days ago ('cause he was just slightly more fussy than usual and he did spit up/vomit in his bed two days ago, and then he's not eaten much for the past two days and he's slept more than normal; he seems great today). So that just leaves one child that has yet to get sick at my house.

I'm sure that this is more information than ANY of you wanted to know. . . . but all that to say don't expect anything from me today . . . other than possibly the Rite Aid transaction scenarios later tonight.



  1. All my sympathy Erin.....I know exactly how you guys feel. :-P