Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tuna Helper mods

Ah, the gloriousness of cheap food.....

I have discovered that I can feed a family of eight on less than $0.50. For the whole meal. Essentially, you take:

1 Free box of Tuna Helper (a couple weeks ago)
3 Free pouches of Bumble Bee Tuna (now!)
1 $0.33 bag of Birds Eye vegetables (last week)
2-3 handfuls of San Giorgio Quick Cook pasta (last week)

Follow the directions on the Tuna Helper box, which basically tells you to add all ingredients at the same time, cover, and cook for around 10 minutes. Viola, you have lunch or dinner! Hopefully this helps stretch the cheap food for those with larger families. :-)


  1. Katie, thank you so much for posting this. It is very helpful! This is what I need - someone to give me ideas of what to do with my stockpile.

    So, I don't have a family of 8 yet . . . but for my very small family of 5 it would make dinner and lunch at least for my husband to take to work, possibly for all of us.


  2. Oh, and the $0.50 price tag fits perfectly within my budget!

  3. If I have other ideas I'll post them.... We'll see what happens.