Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Website for Aspiring Little Readers

Starfall helps to teach reading and letter sounds. 

Yesterday evening, my son was introduced to this website (by my husband). Isaiah really enjoyed it (Josiah and Nathanael enjoyed watching and listening). I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the website. It was perfect for my aspiring reader. I had Isaiah start with the "ABC's - Let's get ready to read" section. Even though he already knows most of this letters and sounds, there are a couple he still gets confused on. Isaiah started with "A" and is working his way through the whole alphabet. This is also helping him with his computer skills (mouse skills). Josiah is way too young to use a computer, but he was still learning. He was copying his big brother by saying the names and sounds of the letters. At the middle top of the ABC page, there is a link to ABC printouts. If you look around, you'll find other printouts on the site as well.

Disclaimer: I did not browse the whole site. I only viewed the "ABC's - Let's get ready to read" and the "Learn to Read - Zac the Rat and other tales."

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