Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm Working

Just wanted to give everyone an update. I am working to get the RA, CVS, and GE deals out this week. I'm feeling better at the moment, but may still need to get a nap in this afternoon. If I do stop for a nap, I'll make sure I post what I have . . . so you guys will be able to see at least a little progress.   : )

If you guys see anything I miss, please let me know. Coupons, deals, scenarios, . . . anything.



  1. Okay, this was wishful thinking. I didn't even get 1 scenario done yesterday before I had to go take care of other things. . . and then the boys got up. By the time evening came, I was ready to collapse. : ) Oh, well.

  2. I'm trying. . . but a girl's got to have some fun too, right? I mean, what can be more fun that doing a whole bunch of MATH? He, he.