Friday, October 8, 2010

Wondering How To Get Your Hands On A Rite Aid "Coupon Savings" Booklet?

The inside scoop is this:

When you get your flu shot at Rite Aid, they are supposed to give you a coupon booklet filled with RA coupons ($128 in savings). However, some stores just have/had them lying around for anyone to pick up (either by the pharmacy or by the front door with the weekly ads). Also technically you don't have to purchase anything to get the coupon booklet. Some people have had success obtaining booklets by going to Rite Aid Flu Shot and printing out the page. When you next go to RA take the printout with you and show it to the pharmacist. Point out the following:

Plus, when you get your flu shot at Rite Aid, you'll get up to $100 in Rite Aid savings3 as a reward for keeping you and your family healthy.

3 No purchase necessary. While supplies last.

Let me know if this works for you.


  1. By the way, they scan through beautifully, even several to a transaction.

  2. Get it anyway you can, but whatever you do DON'T get a flu shot.

  3. Wasn't allowed here... but are we surprised? LOL!

    Dont do shots here so.... this is out of the question. ;)

    But I have an amazing friend that sent me two! ;-) <3

  4. Hmm, I personally love to sew with needles, but I DON'T like them in me. I will avoid any needles poking into me with a passion (proves how much I love my boys, that was the first time I'd let anyone poke me with needles since I was in college and had to get some shots to get in).

    Wow, what an absolutely amazing friend!