Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nail Polish FREE at Rite Aid after +Up Reward

According to Rite Aid's ad this week, all nail enamel  is B1G1 50% off (excludes Brucci, Wet 'n Wild, and Maybelline). Plus, get a $1 +UP Reward wyb any nail enamel (see pg. 5). This is the part to which we want to pay special attention. You see, there are clearanced nail polishes that are producing the +Up Rewards.

Here is a list of the clearanced nail polishes: (Thanks to SlickDeals.)

Select Sinful Colors are ringing up $0.99/1.

     Bamboo 5107
     Boogie nights 854  (Pictured)
     Chopstick 7 33854 23002 5
     Cream Pink
     Dawn 5113
     Dream On 80  (Pictured)
     Dumpling 7 33854 23005 6
     Dusk 5114
     Fasion Neon 60
     Femme Fatale 5117
     Fortune Cookie 7 33854 23004 9
     Fried Rice 7 33854 23000 1
     Full Moon 7 33854 23016 2
     Glass Pink 776
     Great Wall
     Hot&Sour 5101
     Irish Green 198 (Pictured)    
     Ladies choir 7 33854 23022 3
     Lang Lang
     Love Bite 5111
     Love Nails
     Stormy 5115
     Vamp 7 33854 23012 4
     Witching Hour

Select Nail Art are ringing up $0.99/1

Me First (Nail Art)
Morning Breath (Nail Art)
Orange Alert (Nail Art)
Rose in Your Nose (Nail Art)
Worn Before (Nail Art)
A Slice To Go (Nail Art)

All Ooh-La-La nail enamel ringing up $0.25 to $0.75.
(25 +UP limit/transaction)

gold nail polish 82745 14037

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the post!

    I went to RA tonight and got two of the Sinful Colors polish that were marked down to .99 and got the $1 UP rewards for each. It worked like a charm. However, I had them price check about 5 others on your list and they were buy 1 get one 50% off not on clearance for .99. And they didn't carry Ooh-La-La nail enamel at all.

    I'm going to try another RA tomorrow. I'm hoping to get several more for holiday gift bags. Women love nail polish and only you and I know that it was free. ;)

    I appreciate the heads up!

    Michelle - in Ohio