Monday, October 25, 2010

Last Week's Shopping Trips

 Last week was a pretty good week for me. I ran out to Giant Eagle on Wed. and bought a decent amount of stuff. (I forgot to take a picture of it before I put it up. And I just was not willing to pull it all out of the refrigerator, freezer, basement, and cabinets to photograph it, only to have to put it all back up again.) I purchased 8 Oscar Mayer bologna (w/ raincheck) 2 cans glory green beans (in two separate transactions - okay my son purchased 1 can . . .  2 customers), 9 cans Libby vegetables (corn and green beans), 1 pt. Giant Eagle yogurt (our sour cream substitute when there is not good sale on sour cream), 2 Ronzoni pastas, 6 San Giorgio quick cook pastas (w/raincheck), 1 head red lettuce, 1 cabbage, 2 lbs. grapes, and 2 lbs. bananas. I purchased everything in two separate transactions. Each transaction cost me a total of $0.58 OOP (I used previously earned CATs to bring my total down to just change.) I picked up more CATs for the Oscar Mayer bologna from customer service. Real cost to my family for all this was $9.02.

I went to Rite Aid on both Thursday and Saturday last week. On Thursday I got the diapers and all the Old Spice (top picture). My Rite Aid was out of the Simply Saline Children’s Nasal Mist, so I substituted the two toothbrushes (FREE after raincheck). I only made $0.01 on everything I bought on Thursday . . . but I figure I did okay.  : )

The other two pictures show what I picked up at Rite Aid on Saturday. My RA was out of a lot of items by Sat. so I had to get a TON of rainchecks. I ended up making $8.69 on everything you see in the last two pictures. The Gain, Udderly Smooth lotion, and toothbrushes were bought with a raincheck. There was no special sale on the Nivea creme, I just needed some cheap fillers ($0.95/1 after 20% Wellness+ discount).

(You'll notice that I have two Oscillococcinums and two Bee M.D.s. This is because I am helping another family with their Rite Aid SCR account and MIRs.)

All in all, it was a great week for me! The two big boxes of diapers are very helpful. My husband was on his last Old Spice deodorant (only kind he'll use) so this sale was very timely. I was excited to get the Vicks Baby Rub. And at the very beginning of last week, I got a request from someone for Theraflu if it ever was on sale. So, I was able to get them 4 Theraflu items for FREE.


  1. Great job! Now I feel really stupid for not getting in there for the diapers and Old Spice. Lesson learned!

  2. Don't feel stupid. Even worse, many times I've know about the deals, known exactly how the scenarios work - I put them together, known we needed some of the items, put all my coupons together, and still not made it out to RA at all in a week. Things just come up . . . and I don't go shopping. It's bound to happen. I just have to remind myself that the deals will roll around again . . . and they always do. (That's the reason that we've been almost out of diapers for the past month or so. I missed a week or 2 of Rite Aid shopping and FREE diapers. I used up my diaper stockpile and was living week to week waiting for the next diaper deal. Last week at church, I had 3 diapers left. If it hadn't of been for my friend who gave me her leftover diapers, I'd have been at Rite Aid purchasing diapers last Sunday after church.)

    But thank you for the congrats. It is nice to feel the satisfaction of a job well done. And the joy/gratefulness/pleasure/etc. that comes from my husband when I show him my purchases is always nice! : )


  3. Great job!!!!!!!!