Monday, April 26, 2010

Track Spending With Me Through 2010! Week of 4/24/2010

Interested in tracking your spending with me? Refer to my original post here and my post here.

I had a raincheck for the Finish from several weeks back, however the same deal is going on again this week, so I'll probably get a couple more. And the NYC makeup was a great deal after coupons ($5/10 All You + $2/1 Wellness+ coupons). Again, this would work this week as well.

Rite Aid
Spent OOP: $11.73
Store Coupons: $52
Manuf Coupons: $47.49
Rebates: $11.49
Real Cost to My Family: $0.24 (Oh my, I think I must be loosing my touch. This is the 2nd week in a row that I've actually spent money at Rite Aid. I spent $0.57 last week and $0.24 this week! He, he!!)
Total Value of Products: $111.22 (I just used the sale value of the items.)
Total Saved: $110.98
% Saved: 99.78%

I also went to CVS and bought a green bag tag as I think I might start adding CVS to my regular rounds.
Spent $1.05
Received a $1 ECB

As I get caught up - might take me a while - I'll post my year-to-date totals.

Let's encourage each other! Let me know how you did this past week. You are welcome to track your spending with me, or I'd also love to hear about your latest, greatest shopping trip.

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  1. YAY! Love CVS. Can't wait to see what scenarios you come up with!!

  2. Laurie, it may take me a couple of weeks to get it going. . . but I'm excited too.