Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rolling Walgreens RRs - No longer working?

If you are in need of shaving gel, then you need to stop in at Walgreens this week. The RR for the Schick Hydro shave gel is reported to be rolling (I am unsure how long this will last). The gel is FREE after RR (on sale for $2.99/1 - $3 RR).

Of course, you'll need a filler to be able to use the RR since the price of the shave gel is $0.01 less than the RR. Ban invisible solid deodorant is a cheap filler. It is $0.99/1 with the in-ad coupon - $0.75/1 (3/7/SS) = $0.24/1

Here's how the deal looks:

Purchase #1
Buy 1 Schick Hydro shave gel $2.99/1

Pay OOP $2.99 + tax
Receive $3 RR

Purchase #2 and following
Buy 1 Schick Hydro shave gel $2.99/1
Buy 1 Ban invisible solid deodorant $?? (or other cheap filler - clearance item?)

Use $0.75/1 Ban (3/7/SS)
Use $0.99 Ban in-ad coupon
Use $3 RR from Purchase #1

Pay OOP $0.24 + tax
Receive $3 RR
And you can keep rolling this!!  : )
Thanks to SavinginAkron.

Update: I went out Thurs. night to try to pick up some more of these and the RR is no longer rolling!

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  1. And I just received a call from my mother-in-law who also went out Thurs. night to pick these up and the RRs rolled for her. So, it may still be working. . . I'm not sure why it would work for her and not me. We do live in different states. And I was not being checked out at one of the regular registers . . .