Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Rite Aid Wellness+ Coupons

Sign in here to access new Wellness+ coupons from Rite Aid.
  • $3/$15
  • $2/1 cold, cough or allergy purchase
  • $2/1 cosmetic purchase
  • $2/1 vitamin purchase
All expire 5/1.


  1. I tried the Colgate deal at Giant Eagle this morning and it did not print a CAT.
    I purchased 1 at 2.99 shelf price and 3 others at 1.50 sale price.
    7.00 total less 4 (.75 cpns) - Paid 1.00 OOP.
    I checked at the service desk and they said it is not in the add.

  2. Hmmm, no it is not in the ad. . . . actually it is but it's on pg. 7 and it says $3 oynso wyb $10 in "participating" Colgate, . . . products. However, Katie went to buy the FREE after coupon toothpaste and a $3 CAT printed for her. We just typed up the info that was printed on the actual CAT.

    Your total OOP was $7. I wonder if that's the problem . . . ? Was one of the toothpastes not on sale? Katie said that the shelf prices of the sale toothpastes ranged from $2.49 to $2.99. The CAT is based on shelf price, so you'd need at least 1 of the $2.99/1 to get to the $10. . . . but the OOP cost would still be FREE. Still that doesn't seem to make sense to me either. I'm going tonight . . . we'll see.

    I wonder if

  3. The mystery is solved. The Colgate Total was miss-priced at one Giant Eagle. It was on sale for $2.50/1 according to the ad; but according to the shelf tags, it was on sale for $1.50/1.