Friday, July 23, 2010

Rite Aid Video Value Coupons Expiring

1. Just a reminder. . . The June Rite Aid Video Value coupons will expire on Saturday (tomorrow)! The July $5/$20 VV coupon is a one time use coupon, so we are going to have to change how we set up our transactions.

2. Tomorrow, the 24th, is the last day to view and earn July's VV coupons. Get on RiteAid'sAdperks and finish watching your videos.

3. This is off topic, but if you have had trouble getting the +UP Rewards to print, give RA a call. They are reimbursing the +UP Rewards that should have printed this week. +UP Reward limits will start August 1st.

Public Relations Dept.

Rite Aid Corporation
Camp Hill, PA
Office: (717) 975-5713 (Eric Harkreader)

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