Monday, July 26, 2010

CVS Deals 7/25 to 7/31

I started putting together scenarios in July after talking with a friend who insisted that you could shop at CVS for FREE after an initial $25 investment. If this was true, it would work well with my budget.  : )  So I decided to give it a try.

Step 1: Buy a $25 CVS gift card. (This helps you to see how much of your initial investment money you've spent.) Tip: If you have to actually buy your $25 gift card, buy it from somewhere that gives you rewards for your purchase (your local grocery store perhaps, Upromise, MyPoints). (I'm a member of MyPoints which allows you to earn pts. for looking at advertisements, among other things. It's slow going, but it doesn't cost me any money. I look at one or two a day and wait for my pts. to accumulate. When I have enough I can redeem them for gift cards. So, to jump start my CVS shopping I redeemed some of my pts. for a $25 gift card.)

Step 2: Get a CVS ExtraCare card (ask for one in the store) and a CVS Green Bag Tag. The tags cost about $1. Hook that tag around any reusable shopping bag (it can even be a plastic CVS bag from a previous purchase) and remember to take it with you to CVS. Every time you go in and make a purchase be sure to have the cashier scan your tag. (Your card will only record 1 scan per day.) You will earn $1 ECB every 4th time the tag is scanned.  : )  (Your Green Bag Tag can be used with any CVS ExtraCare card. So the next time you go CVS shopping with a friend, let them use your tag too. Both your card and your friend's card will record one scan.)

Step 3: Clip/gather your coupons and get ready to go shopping. If this is your first trip to CVS you will not have the ECBs to pay for purchase #1. That's okay. This is where you will want to use your $25 gift card to pay for your purchases.

Note: CVS will not accept any internet coupon with a barcode that does NOT scan.


Day 1 / Purchase #1

1 U by Kotex (pg. 16) liners 50 to 60 ct., pads 14 to 18 ct., tampons 18 ct. $4.99/1
- $1/1 Kotex U Product Printable =  $3.99/1
[- $1.50/1 Kotex or U by Kotex at CVS (Reinventing Beauty, Jul '10) (This is CVS's Magazine for $0.99 and this is a CVS coupon) = $2.49/2]
- $4.99 ECBs (Limit 1) = MAKE $1 (or MAKE $2.50 if you have the CVS coupon above)

If you can find a July issue of Reinventing Beauty, then add the 2 items below to the transaction: (If not, then complete purchase with just the Kotex.
1 Reinventing Beauty, Jul '10 - if they still have it on the shelves $0.99/1
Make sure you tear out the CVS Kotex coupon to use!

1 $0.50 filler
1 Caliber 1 Subject Notebook (pg. 6) $1/3 = $0.33/1
and 1 $0.17 item . . . if you can find one.

Total before coupons = at least $3.99 + tax (??)
- at least $1 (in MFC)
- $2.99 ECB (Bausch & Lomb) and $1 ECB (M&M's) from last week (Purchase#1and#2)
Total OOP $0 + tax
(Remember to scan Green Bag Tag! - Scan #3) (Scan #1 and #2 done last week.)
Earn $4.99 ECB for Kotex

Day 2 / Purchase #2

1 CVS Photobook $7.99/1
- $7.99 ECBs (Limit 1) = FREE
(Photo Book FAQs thanks to SlickDeals:
- Limit is confirmed to be one.
- Photo book must be created and printed in-store only. Not the same as the online books.
- Make them at the Kodak kiosk.
- Media- Bring photos in on USB flash drives, camera memory cards, CDs or you can scan them on the machine as well.
- Pages print front side only, not front and back.
- Advertised as 10 pages, but you can add a few more and pay for the individual pages.
- # of photos - Will depend on how many you want on each page. If you do 1 per page, then you need 11 photos (10 for the pages and one for the front picture) If you put more on a page, like 3 to 4 pictures, then you would need about 30 to 40 pictures. The more on a page, the smaller the photo.
- Make sure the picture you choose for the title page has the main focus (i.e. faces) in the center of the picture. Otherwise the heads will get off with the window cutout when they put the actual cover on the book.
- Once the machine auto-arranges the photos on a page, you can go to each page to rearrange / resize / zoom-in / change quality, etc. It depends on the time you want to spend on each book.
- Another thing I love to do is use one my own pictures as background (beach shots or nature shots look awesome)
- Once completed, your photo book pages print out (either at the kiosk or behind the photo counter depending on machine) and then the photo personnel needs to bind the book for you.
- There is an expired CRT for $3 off photobooks if your CVS takes expired ones.)

Total before coupons = $7.99 + tax (??)
- $4.99 ECB (Kotex) from Purchase #1 and $3 ECB (Huggies) from last week (Purchase#2)
Total OOP $0 + tax (??)
(Remember to scan Green Bag Tag! - Scan #4)
Earn $7.99 ECB for CVS Photobook
Earn $1 ECB for Green Bag Tag (4th scan)

Day 3 / Purchase #3 (Just to let you know, I was not able to find these at my 2 CVS's)

2 Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock Tubes (pg. 10 - not pictured in ad) 1 oz. $1.99/1 = $3.98/2
(NOTE: Some people have been unable to find these in their stores. Find the cheapest thing you can. It could still be at least FREE after ECBs. If you have to buy a more expensive item, then you don't need to buy any of the extra items below.)
- 2 $2/1 any Neutrogena Product Printable = MAKE $0.02
- $10 ECBs (Limit 1) = MAKE $10.02 (Thanks to Money Saving Mom and Challice!)

2 CVS Pantiliners (not in ad - monthly deal) $1/2- $1 ECB wyb 2 (Limit 3 - you'll only earn 1 ECB per transaction) = FREE

Total before coupons = $4.98 + tax (??)
- $4 (in MFC)
- $1 ECB (from 4th scan - Green Bag Tag)
Total OOP $0 + tax
(Remember to scan Green Bag Tag! - Scan #1)
Earn $10 ECB for Neutrogena
Earn $1 ECB for CVS Pantiliners

Since I wasn't able to find the Neutrogena items at my CVS, I think that I'm done putting together scenarios for the week. I'll wait and see what next week has to offer.

Total OOP for the week: $0 + tax (using my $25 gift card - haven't had to use it yet this week.)
Remaining ECB $7.99 (CVS Photobook) + $1 (4th scan - Green Bag Tag) + $10 (for Neutrogena) + $1 (for CVS Pantiliners)(instead of $1 from Green Bag Tag) - If you were able to do Purchase #3.

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