Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rite Aid 7/4 to 7/10

A couple of notes to start with:
  1. Make sure you know RiteAid'sCouponPolicy. Print out a copy to keep with you. This will be a great help when you get a cashier, or even a manager, who doesn't know the policy.
  2. Go to Rite Aid AdPerks to watch videos and earn Rite Aid Video Value coupons. You will be able to earn a $5/$20 Rite Aid coupon, as well as a coupon for each product for which you watch a video. There does not appear to be a limit as to how many Video Values accounts you can have per address. . . so sign up your husband, and the rest of your family, and earn more coupons if desired.
  3. Print out and take additional $5/$20 coupons with you. Remember, the $5/$20 coupon is only available after you watch enough AdPerks videos. (Rite Aid Video Values only allows you to choose to print the coupon one time. You can not go back and choose to print it again later. That being said, when you originally choose to print the coupon a print screen will pop up. On that print screen it has a place for you to type in how many times you want the page printed. I try to print out at least 20 for the month as I average using around 5 a week. NOTE that the coupon is good for 2 months. So if I have any extra I just use them the following month Adperks has changed the way the Video Values coupons print. While all Video Values coupons will print more than once. Some have a unique barcode that will only allow you to use the coupons once. Others can still be used more than once. The rule is - long barcode = only 1 use; short barcode = multiple uses.)
  4. Rite Aid has just rolled out their new program Wellness+ nationwide. If you haven't already done so, sign up for your rewards card online or in stores.

All my scenarios will reflect my personal goal to either make money or at least not to have spent any at the end of the month - after I get my Single Check Rebate, Rite Aid gift cards, and/or MIR checks.

**Unless otherwise indicated, there is a limit of one single check rebate per item.

Happy 4th of July!! And seeing as it is a holiday I've got plans with my family. Still wanted to get this scenario posted. We're almost out of diapers at my house. . . imagine that.

Also, I'll be putting up a post (hopefully tonight) explaining the changes to the Video Value coupons.

Purchase #1

1 Pampers diapers jumbo pk. $8.99/1
- $2/1 Select Pampers Diapers, exp. 7-31-10 (P&G 07/04/10) = $6.99/1
[or $2/1 Pampers Swaddlers Diapers, exp. 7-31-10 (RP 06/20/10)]
[or $2/1 Pampers Cruisers, exp. 7-31-10 (RP 06/20/10)]
[or $3/1 Pampers Vocalpoint coupon - would make them $3.99/1 after SCR]
- $2 SCR #47 = $4.99/1

3 Pampers Tub Wipes 60-72 ct. $2.49/1 = $7.47
- 3 $2/1 Pampers Wipes, exp. 7-31-10 (P&G 06/06/10) = $1.74/3
[or $0.50/1 Pampers Wipes, exp. 7-31-10 (P&G 07/04/10)]

1 Crest mouth rinse 440 ml - 1 L $4.99/1
- $2/1 Crest Rinse, exp. 7-31-10 (P&G 06/06/10) = $2.99/1
- $3 SCR #127 = MAKE $0.01

Total before coupons = $21.45
- $5/20 Rite Aid Video Values coupon
- $10 (in MFC)
Total OOP = $6.45 + tax
- $5 SCR
COST $1.45 + tax

Not the best (ie. not a money maker) but I need diapers.  : )


  1. So I'm guessing that the new $5/20 can only be used once per account? Can you tell me more about this?

  2. Yes, I'm sorry. I had meant to already do a post on this. . . but when the fleas (yes, I mean real fleas) invaded my house, the intended post has taken a back seat. (It's almost done.)

    You are correct. It can be used only once.