Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rite Aid Scenarios week of 7/11 to 7/17

A couple of notes to start with:
  1. Make sure you know RiteAid'sCouponPolicy. Print out a copy to keep with you. This will be a great help when you get a cashier, or even a manager, who doesn't know the policy.
  2. Go to Rite Aid AdPerks to watch videos and earn Rite Aid Video Value coupons. You will be able to earn a $5/$20 Rite Aid coupon, as well as a coupon for each product for which you watch a video. There does not appear to be a limit as to how many Video Values accounts you can have per address. . . so sign up your husband, and the rest of your family, and earn more coupons if desired.
  3. Print out and take additional $5/$20 coupons with you. Remember, the $5/$20 coupon is only available after you watch enough AdPerks videos. (Rite Aid Video Values only allows you to choose to print the coupon one time. You can not go back and choose to print it again later. That being said, when you originally choose to print the coupon a print screen will pop up. On that print screen it has a place for you to type in how many times you want the page printed. I try to print out at least 20 for the month as I average using around 5 a week. NOTE that the coupon is good for 2 months. So if I have any extra I just use them the following month Adperks has changed the way the Video Values coupons print. While all Video Values coupons will print more than once. Some have a unique barcode that will only allow you to use the coupons once. Others can still be used more than once. The rule is - long barcode = only 1 use; short barcode = multiple uses.) For more information, please read my post HERE.
  4. Rite Aid rolled out their new program Wellness+ nationwide. If you haven't already done so, sign up for your rewards card online or in stores.

All my scenarios will reflect my personal goal to either make money or at least not to have spent any at the end of the month - after I get my Single Check Rebate, Rite Aid gift cards, and/or MIR checks.

**Unless otherwise indicated, there is a limit of one single check rebate per item.

Purchase #1

1-Neutrogena Clinical Starter Kit SPF 30 Night or Day Facial Lifting Wrinkle Treatment (Fine print from the MIR: Offer excludes Neutrogena Clinical™ Starter System) (pg 8) $39.99/1 (online price) I believe we will get 20% off with our Wellness Card if you are at this level. $31.99/1
-$5.00 MFC Printable or
(-$5.00 MFC All You Magazine March)
-$1.00/10 Wellness Coupon beauty or cosmetic purchase

Total before coupons $31.99 w/ wellness 20%
-$5/20 RA VV Coupon
-$6.00 (in MFC and RA VV coupons)
Total OOP $20.99
-$2.00 +UPR and NeutrogenaMIR (good this week only)
Makes this a huge MM. If I am right you make $13.00 - tax w/ +UPR

Purchase #2

1-Bausch & Lomb Biotrue Contact Solution 4oz (not in ad) $4.00 (online price) -20% wellness $3.20
-$2.00 MFC Printable (the print limit may have been reached)
-$4.00 SCR = make $.80

1-Coppertone Sun Care (pg 12) $8.99
-$2.00 ad coupon (pg 12)
-$3.00 RA VV June
-$1.00 MFC Printable
or ($2.00 MFC SS 6/20 I believe this was a regional coupon)
-$1.00 +UPR = $1.99

1- Crest extra white plus scope outlast 4 oz (pg 1) $2.69
-$.50 MFC Crest toothpaste 4 oz PG 6/6 or
(-$.75/1 Crest toothpaste 4 oz or gel PG 7/4 or $1.00 MFC Crest toothpaste or rinse May Rouge Magazine)
-$2.69 SCR = make $.50

1-Crest 3D white mouth rinse 237 ml (pg 4) $2.99
-$1.00 MFC RP 6/27 or
(-$100 MFC Crest toothpaste or rinse May Rouge Magazine)
-$2.00 SCR = make $.01

1- Always Maxi Pads 12-24 ct, pantiliners 34-60 ct, or Tampax Tampons 20 ct (pg 4) $2.99
-$1.00 MFC pads PG 6/6 or 7/4 or
-$1.00 MFC pantiliners PG 6/6 or
-$1.00 MFC tampons PG 6/6 or 7/4
-$1.00 SCR = $.99

Total before coupons $20.86
-$5/20 RA VV Coupon
-$10.50 (in MFC and RA VV coupons)
Total OOP $5.36 + tax
-$1.00 +UPR
-$9.69 SCR's = make $5.33 - tax

Purchase #3

2 Pantene shampoo, conditioner, or stylers (pg 5) $7.00/2
-$2.00 RA coupon ($30 PG coupon book)
-$1.00/2 MFC PG 6/6 & 7/4, SS 6/13, or Parade magazine 6/27 or
($2.00/1 MFC
Parade magazine 6/27 or $1.00/1 MFC PG 7/4)
-$2.00 +UPR wyb 2 = $2.00

2-Suave hair care professionals, kids or Rave stylers (pg 5) $4.00/2
-$.50/2 Suave shampoo or conditioner RP 7/11 (this has been report as being a $1.00/2 but I think it is a regional coupon) or
-$.50/1 hairspray or styling product RP 7/11 or
-$.50/2 Kids
-$1.00 +UPR wyb 2 = $2.50

2-Head & Shoulders (pg 5) $8.00/2
-B1G1 MFC SS 7/11

1-Infusium Shampoo or Conditioner (pg 4) $3.99
-$2.00 MFC RP 7/11 or ( I believe this to be a regional coupon :( sorry!)
(-$1.00 MFC July All You Magazine)

-$1.00/10 Wellness coupon hair care

Total before coupons $22.99
-$5/20 RA VV Coupon
-$10.50 (in MFC and RA VV coupons)
Total OOP $7.49 + tax

-$3.00 +UPR = $4.49

Purchase #4

2-Nature Bounty Vitamins and Supplements or Flexamin (pg 1) B1G1 free
I am basing this purchase on Your Life Vitamins approx $10.49/1 = $10.49/2
-(2) $3.00 MFC SS 6/6 or
($1.00 nature bounty SS 6/6)
-$1.00/10 wellness coupon vitamin supplements

2-Depends for Men or Women 6 ct (pg 6) $11.00/2
-(2) $1.50 MFC SS 7/11
-(2) $2.00 RA VV June
-$4.00 +UPR wyb 2 = free

Total before coupons $21.59
-$5/20 RA VV Coupon
-$14.00 (in MFC and RA VV coupons)
Total OOP $2.59 + tax

-$4.00 +UPR = make $1.41

Purchase #5

1-Johnson & Johnson tape, gauze or pads (pg 2) $3.29 online price with 20% wellness $2.63
-$2.00 ad coupon (pg 2)
-$1.00 MFC RP 6/6
-$1.00 +UPR = make $1.37
UPDATE there is a $2.00 MFC for Johnson & Johnson non stick pads Printable. If you use this MFC you would make $2.37

1-Viactiv chew 60 or 90 ct (pg 2) $8.49 online price with 20% wellness $6.79
-$3.00 ad coupon
-$2.00 MFC SS 5/9
-$1.00 +UPR = $.79

2-Febreze (pg 10) $2.49/1 = $4.98/2
-free Febreze air effects wyb fabric freshener PG 7/4 or
(-$1.00/1 Febreze effects (decor done right booklet)
-$1.00 SCR (air effects) = $1.98/2

1-Charmin Ultra bath tissue 12 roll (pg 1) $6.99
-$.25 MFC PG 6/6 or 7/4

Total before coupons $21.39
-$5/20 RA VV Coupon
-$10.74 (in MFC and RA VV coupons)
Total OOP $5.65 + tax

-$2.00 +UPR and $1.00 SCR =$2.65

Don't forget to use those +UPR to lower you OOP.

Make $12.60 on items with a sale value of $118.82!


  1. coudn't find the infusium 23 coupon on my sunday paper. :(

  2. I am sorry, this must have been a regional coupon and I missed that.

  3. that's ok. it even says it on the ad. Debbie, can i use the in ad coupon along with the rite aid video coupon for coppertone. a cashier gave me a hard time and said i had to choose. does it state that on the policy?


  4. Zuly,
    according to the RA policy it states that you can use 1 mfc and 1 RA coupon to purchase a single item. It also states that only 1 mfc can be used unless coupled w/ another MFC found in the RA circular. So I interpret that to say that it is okay. I don't have a problem at my RA but last week I had to go to a different RA and they gave me a problem even after showing them the policy so I just left. You might want to try to talk to the manager and show him a copy of the policy (alot of times they are not familiar with it) and if that doesn't work try another RA. Thanks for understanding about the coupon for the shampoo. Hope the info on the policy helps.

  5. thanks Debbie! :)


  6. Purchase #1 is also eligible for SCR #555 which increases the moneymaker. But it should be mentioned that it's a RA gift card and not a check.
    Here's another deal I found on another website:
    If your Rite Aid carries Wahl Hair Clipper Kits, you may be able to score one for FREE!

    Wahl Hair Clipper Kits $25 (prices may vary regionally?)
    $5 SCR #72
    $5/$25 Rite Aid
    $10/1 Wahl RA Video Values (June)
    $5 Wahl mail-in rebate offer
    FREE after coupons, SCR & MIR

    Would you happen to have a pdf for the Wahl video values coupon? I never got around to watching them last month and our clippers for our dog are about to take a crap. Thanks in advance.

    Michelle - in Ohio

  7. After posting my question, I found the Wahl VV coupon here: in case you want to take advantage of the clipper deal.

    Michelle - in Ohio

  8. Michelle,

    Thanks for the heads up about the Wahl hair clipper deal. (I actually just ran across that too myself - was on my way to post it!)

    The link to the MIR can be found here:

    And there is also a $1/$10 worth of hair care products that printed at the end of some receipts last week (a Wellness+ coupon). This would then become a $1 moneymaker.

    And to make everything more complicated. The $24.99 or $25 dollar price tag is regular price. It is NOT on sale this week. So, if you have 20% off when using your Wellness+ card, the item is going to ring up for $19.99. Add a filler to get you over the $20 goal. Now you've got a $6 moneymaker.

  9. Erin,

    After calling six RA stores, I found one that carries the Neutrogena Clinical product to do the deal at. I'm not sure if I'll make a special trip for that awesome money maker or not. You might want to call before you go. I've heard it's hit or miss finding the product in the stores since it's so new.

    But I will make a stop to do the Wahl clipper deal tomorrow. Thanks for the information!

    P.S. Were you already aware of the SCR for the Neutrogena Clinical before I told you? You seem to know everything about RA. I'm impressed!

    Michelle - in Ohio

  10. Michelle,

    : ) I was aware of it. . . I've got a great bunch of friends who like to keep me updated.

    . . . And I've got a bunch of little boys who seem to try their hardest to both keep Mommy from posting the deals and to help Mommy forget the deal in the first place. : )

    So yes, I was aware of it. I meant to post that earlier this week. But it had completely slipped my mind until you said something about it today. Thank you so much. I love the help!!