Monday, December 6, 2010

Last Week's Shopping Trips

I wish that I could post a picture, but my camera has mysteriously walked off . . . . (I'm not sure if I put it somewhere and can't remember where it is or if one of my boys got ahold of it. I do know that it is not where it belongs.)

I made it out to Giant Eagle twice and Rite Aid once last week. My OOP costs for the whole week were $11.25 and that was ALL spent at Giant Eagle. I bought 2 sour cream, 5 Secret deodorants, 4 Clorox wipes, 5 Olay body washes, 5 Olay lotions, 1 SOBE, 1 Tic Tac, 2 Glory Foods canned bean and rice, 2 Clorox bleach, and 3 12 pack Coke. Of course, I sent in the MIR for the Olay products. I'll be getting a check in the mail for $20 from them. That makes all my Giant Eagle purchases a $8.75 moneymaker for last week!

At Rite Aid I didn't do any worse. I did 7 transactions and paid the remaining balance after +UP Rewards with a gift card that I earned from Rite Aid's SCR program (Total paid with gift card was $6.19 - I forgot to use a couple of coupons; could have done better). So, I paid $0 OOP at Rite Aid! I bought 8 Gillette deodorants, 6 Gillette razors, 1 SOBE, 4 Lysol sprays, 2 Skittles, 4 Dial pump soaps, 1 Organix shampoo, 5 Dayquil, 5 Nyquil, 5 Puffs tissues, 4 Hershey's Holiday bagged candies, 2 Cetaphil bar soap, 1 Fiskers cat food, 1 Cat's Pride cat litter, 1 Gain dish soap, 2 Starburst, 6 Foamies kits for kids, and 4 No Nonsense hose. I ended the week with $47 in +UP Rewards for next week.

How did you do last week?


  1. I tried to link up but it didn't want to cooperate!

  2. Thanks Mrs. Dan. I checked out your trip. You did GREAT!