Monday, December 27, 2010

Last Week's Shopping Trips

I skipped Giant Eagle entirely last week. Since we are going out off town next week (by the time this posts, we will have already left town) I didn't want things to spoil in the fridge while we were gone. Plus, it was not an exciting week at the grocery store anyway. . .

Rite Aid wasn't as exciting as in weeks past either, but I still went.  : ) Above you can see my first haul. 4 transactions total, never paid more than $1 after previously earned +UPs on any transaction, and of course I am still using my RA gift card to pay - so $0 OOP! I left with more +UPs than I walked in with.  : )


  1. Posted mine on my blog. :)

    Did the kidlets like the Pillow pets?

  2. Sodbusters,

    The kidlets did indeed like the Pillow pets. We took them on our trip with us and they sit on their beds. . . .